Cosmic Tarot - Ten of Pentacles


In this card we have a young man in his late teens or early twenties standing within the richness of a castle or beautiful mansion. 10 Pentacles surround him, The ones to the left are smaller than the ones at the bottom and on the right. This environment could reflect monetary inheritance and security that this person has inherited genetically through his family.

The young man is dressed mainly in yellow with a magenta colored cape. Magenta is the color that connects us with our soul. It is the color that burns deep within us. It integrates our emotions and our mind with our physical expression. It soothes and relaxes both over-emotional and under-emotional situations. This color helps us to make the transition into our spirit, transcending the lower octaves of our physical bodies.

Yellow awakens our minds and keeps us moving and stretching our boundaries higher and higher. Green is a prosperous, cool, refreshing and well balanced color. Gold is also prosperous and very spiritual.

This card suggests there is a concern with the material rather than the emotional side of life. This young man is very intellectual, analytical with a very curious mind. He courts generous thoughts and high ideals whenever they come to mind. He loves to take thing apart and put them together again. With his fascination for words, he probably loves doing puzzles. He’s an achiever, a born communicator, jovial, optimistic and with an incredible writing ability. Philology could fascinate him as well as creative writing.

Some ideas for this card……

Attention and energies should be applied strongly around the home.
Creative work could be accomplished in the home. And if this is what you’ve been doing, now is the time to present it.
Your monetary situation has more balance than before.
An inheritance could be indicated.
Your self discipline and attention to detail could land you a job in the Real Estate business.
Your wardrobe and environment brings a sense of enjoyment.
Someone you hold a secret attraction to may come forward.

tink :love: