Cosmic Tarot - Ten of Wands


Wow! At first glance, this card felt overwhelming! It’s been quite a challenge writing this one…..and maybe all that is written here is wrong!

Saturn’s influence is strong and very prominent in this card. But so is the fiery enthusiasm of this person, surrounded by wands and lots of fire. It's like there’s a war going on here! The colors pink and yellow dominate this card! So much passion and moving energy! A sense of stretching our boundaries…aspiring higher and higher.

Some kind of crisis (power struggle) has destroyed and burned down most of the structure here. Had we walled ourselves off for a time? What could have created such a tremendous effect. Is this the rebellious Prometheus….his fire of freedom and change!?! Has this effect impacted on others….a collective experience? A Saturn return?

Is this a turning point in our life? I sense an unspeakable strength focused intently here. A crisis that is destroying what was built a long time ago. Fire is creative and it’s destructive too. It can bring for a time, an extremely painful period….a struggle between security and freedom! I sense an urgency to find some kind of compromise between these two conflicting forces. If not, this could be a win or lose situation.

Is the change we see happening here being caused from a shift within ourselves? Is this a shift in habits and attitudes that were programmed into us a long time ago? Have we seen and embodied a moment of truth?

Did Norbert Losche want to show us how conflict can begin all through one’s exaggeration of an ideal? Is this his way of saying that as we experience this new heightened energy, it will become a catalyst in breaking down old energies. Will we find the power to break out of our cocoon? It will take an enormous amount of effort on our part to push ourselves into a new cycle and even perhaps a new identity. Are you ready for this challenging and fateful time?

tink :love:


A loss of control, the world torn asunder, mass destruction. Saturn hangs overhead acting as a beacon, placing us in the hardest of situations, a living nightmare. The woman is not caged by the wands, they have fallen on her (I think it is a woman), they are symbols of an obligation that she need not carry anymore, one has rested on her, and once she rises, they all fall down once and for all. A new challange has started, instead of trying to rebuild or maintain what has already been done, the message is to build anew, once the flames die out that is.