Cosmic Tarot-The heirophant


i thought I already did this card, oh well. Another "Cosmic" scene. The hierophant, dressed in pink and gold, and his left cuff is trimmed in purple, has the all-seeing sight, and he is using it to look at a tarot card (of the Cosmic Tarot no less). Behind him is a large open window with three smaller ones above, the starry night can be seen. For some reason a diamond of enchanced and lighter color surrounds the hierophant, in front of him are four figures, two women and two men. The women appear to be gypsy/romanian in dress, and one coudl be the empress (I say this because of the headdress). The two men appear to be a priest and a monk, awaiting the advice of the wise hierophant I am sure.

In the background there ar two green banners and a dove.


just a few thoughts

there's so much in this card

on superficial looking i see as confirmation of card 5 as talking about different beliefs/religions/teachings/truths/paths

the ankh at the top of the card centre - egyptian
the tarot deck in the heirophants hand
he looks like hes looking through a telescope - astrology?
the empress i agree looks like her from her hat and especially the shape of the ear - worship of mother nature? paganism link
his right hand looks like thumb and ring finger are joining - yoga pose
himself in traditional pope costume - christianity
i only speculate that the dove sumbolises love/peace as the basis/goal of all religions

perhaps the heirophant uses all these systems despite being the spiritual leader of just one path (aecletic just like us lol) ahaha card 5 -= AT
and knowing all paths lead to god

i like the fact there are 2 women and 2 men - smacks of balance *albeit* they seem further away/lower down in the picture to the 2 priests - perhaps indicating that male/female balance is still not reached non the least in the church?

i think the cosmic heirophant is a really modern one and one message i get from it is find your own truth

i'd love to know what that diamond light around him is?


It's his magic vision, able to look through it all.

I believe the diamond light is only to make him stand out as the spiritual leader who everyone else looks up to.


The Hierophant is shown as a religious leader standing inside a cathedral-like building. He is wearing his grand poo-bah headgear (a ridiculously large horned mitre strung with pearls). He has a mischievous yet intense expression, this and his pointed ears give him a look of Puck or Mescalito. He does not look earnest, serious, trustworthy.

Also, he appears to be doing a stage-magic trick with a tarot card and a handkerchief and some kind of stick all held in his left hand. With his other hand he is making a gesture of blessing or benediction.

Still, there is a spiritual presence here, shown by the dove.

It is an ambiguous card. I have little use for religious leaders so my inclination is to see him as a manipulative trickster using sleight of hand to impress his congregation. But he does have an ability to see, and he may have some wisdom to impart. The dove itself and the infinite universe outside the building look like a better bet though.