Cosmic Tarot-the hermit


This is a complicted card to say the least. To start out with the primary color is blue, as in midnight blue, the scene takes place at night. The hermit himself has long hair, a beard, and is in meditation. His tunic has teh glyph of jupiter and the sun, his headband the ohm of india, his armband the glyph of virgo. Above him is the moon in a crecent form, and to his right is the star of david, beamign down divine light to the ground, perhaps it is thelights of a city (appropriate for the hermit), his lamp also has 6 pointed stars emminating from its glow. To his left is a tree with pink blooms, a bird and a pnk flower are at his feet, various plant life is also present.

Incredibbly complicated for a card symbolizing simplicity. There is tranqulity and calmness here, this hermit is at peace with himself his lantern is teh only light he needs, althougthe moon does have an affect on him. The man also looks like he is preparing to twist his body into a youga position.


i agree a very complex/busy scene for this card
maybe it means all these riches and peace/the serene garden can be found within if you take the time to visualise and meditate


This is one of my most favorite cards in the Cosmic deck. I purchased this deck years ago, only to put it away – perhaps - I wasn’t ready for it yet. I’m hoping you will help me to rekindle what attracted me to this deck in the first place.

The Cosmic Hermit wears a long hair and beard which could mean he is a philosopher and thinker that ponders long and carefully before making a decision.

BLUE “Silence is my home, beauty is my art, my condition, the calm of the untroubled sea” (The Color Institute of Canada – Color Therapy)

The dark blue in the card could represent the bonds one draws around oneself, perhaps unification and a sense of belonging. Blue is deep with feelings, a relaxed sensitivity, a prerequisite for empathy, for esthetic experience and for meditative experience. It is the blissful fulfillment of at-one-ness, of unity and a closesness with Gaia, our Earth Mother. Blue is truth and trust, love and dedication, surrender and devotion. Blue is the timeslessness of eternity, representing tradition and lasting values, and tends to bring up our past.

A friend of mine who is a Yoga instructor told me Yoga means union, oneness with our creator. She said the more we study this universe produced by our Yoga, the more we collect and synthesize all of our experiences.

The ‘Star’ a heavenly messenger, a great conjunction and a glimpse of what the wise men saw. Also a Great Conjunction, is said to happen when there is a close pairing of planets that gives the appearance of a bright star. It has been said this alignment is a struggle of the (antigue) gods as we come into a ‘new age’, individually and collectively.

Blue Therapy said:
"My blue energy will tighten your etheric body, firming up your invisible energy systems. I nourish the etheric webbing that constitutes this body, so vital in the assimilation and distribution of prana. As I restore the etheric webbing, I simultaneously strengthen your nerves. This is how I relax you and help you pull together when you feel unstrung"

There’s so much that can be said about this card...



I think it is the light of the city he came from, and it probably means, together with the blossoming tree, that his time to return to where he came from, to go back into daily life without losing his insights, has drawn close.


A lovely card. In the day time the air is full of people's thoughts and drivenness. Things are so much more peaceful at night, you can hear yourself think.

The Hermit meditates in his asana and the light of heaven is drawn down to earth (light coming from star in sky). There is alot of light in the Hermit's lamp but he isn't using it for guidance in the literal way some other Hermit cards do. It looks more like the light that shows in the lamp is an indication of the Hermit's own inner light increasing.

The lily of the valley near his foot symbolizes humility. The bird? Perhaps it shows that he is sitting very very still? Actually the bird seems to me to show that he is in touch with his own deeper mind or unconscious. I'm not sure why I think that. The flower on the ground and flowering tree show that his practice is blessing him and allowing him to walk in more spiritual beauty.

So the card is about solitude and about taking the time to do your spiritual practice, your discipline. It is also about pulling light down and letting it shine in the darkness.

There are some cards in the major arcana of this deck that go in pairs. If you look, you will see pairs based on colors used and visual themes. This card is in a pair with the Star card, which has some very similar imagery.