Cosmic Tarot - The Two Of Swords


I love this card. It has a dreamy, sensitivity, to it…it’s peaceful, cool, serene and silent. A sanctuary. The two birds silhouetted by the full moon look as if they are gliding effortlessly in the sky together, riding on subtle currents of air (spiritual/material). There seems hardly a breeze, nothing seems disturbed here, all is quiet…for now. . Clouds appear in the distance, are they on their way out or is there a storm brewing.

Birds are messengers, thoughts, ideas, and possibly with a full Moon (the unconscious) there is a past (family/karmic) that led to this moment, something that has layed hidden. And with a full Moon in sight we can now get a better view of a situation (good and bad). The boat in the background is partially hidden.

The girl sitting at the water’s edge with her cat has put down her swords (opposing thoughts, burdens), to sit and be one with spirit, with herself with nature. Is she aware of her gentle and beautiful surroundings…it’s almost as if she is detached from it all…withdrawing from reality…penetrating the deep levels of her psyche, repressed feelings? Her foot seems to be lightly tapping the water, emotional undercurrents rippling outward?

Is one aspect of this card Self Preservation? Conserving her natural resources? Self-love? All of nature is rhythmically attuned to the cycle’s of the Moon. Cats are great teachers in teaching us how to be content with ourselves….and searching for hidden information. Hmm, to the right sits a seagull! What will happen when the cat sees the bird?



i agree this 2 of swords speaks of peace, respite, rest - perhaps the quiet before the storm??


I too find this to be a very calm and comforting card. She seems to be at peace with her world, although it maybe she is withdrawing from it. I do love how she is dipping her toe into the water. Maybe she is testing it's warmth to see if she wants to go skinny dipping later. The canoe in the background catches my eye. What is in it? Someone spying on her? Or did she come to this place by the canoe and it's her stuff in there. I find this card to be very interesting. I can always find something new and different in this card.


A very contemplating card. Anyone notice the boat in the background? Is that the same boat the couple in the 3 of Cups has used? If so, maybe she is the same woman, shortly before or shortly after the date.


Norbert Losche has put the astrological symbolism into some of the cards in ways that you don't see right away. This card is the Moon in Libra and if you look carefully the two birds over the moon look like a Libra sign.

Moon in Libra: sensitivity, balance and harmony of emotions. Beautiful surroundings and artistic pursuits helping to balance emotions.

I know swords are supposed to be thoughts and not emotions but in real life the separation is not exact and clear. Here we have a willow tree, water, the moon. All of these have to do with feelings. The young woman looks like she has gone out to be alone and to think through her feelings. She has brought her cat with her, perhaps this shows an independant spirit? She dresses in a creative way, with a mandarin collar and funky shoes, the kind of person who would write poetry or paint.

The keyword is peace, meanings could include acknowledgeing your emotions to make sense of your thoughts and decisions, taking contemplative time to think, being at peace with yourself and others, finding or creating a peaceful and harmonious environment.