cosmic tarot - the world


A standard Wrold card, a woman in her naturla beauty is holidng a wand (in this case a cane) and is srrounded by the 4 animals of the tarot. An angel with lit eyes, an eagle, a bull, and a lion. Roses surround her and her dress comes unfurled like an ocean wave. Her feat seem to have mermaid scales, and the planet earth can be seen in teh bacground while stars light up the darkness.

Like all world cards, this one embodies many energies, and is quite the combinatin of blues and blacks, the bull is looking very stern, teh lion in need of authority, the angel is calm, and the eagle is perched knowing his place, and in black tones. The roses stretch from teh upper center to the right, to the mid lower left, back down again to the right. The world contains teh truth, and conclusion.


The card replays many of the symbols found on the Fool's Journey. It can be interpreted as a joyful conclusion of a difficult trek. The sum total of the path being an enhanced state of being.