cosmic tarot, VI lovers


a six pointed star, marked with a black and white yin-yang, sents a strand of energy between the two figures. The young man wears a head band and a tank top with a crown on the front of the shirt, a common enough symbol in this deck. The woman waewars a more formal gown, both of the m have divine sparks of light emerging from their hair.

The woman is embracing her lover with one hand, and is pointing to a group fo three tulips, below a couple of birds, which in turn are creseted with a lily, all which she points at her other hand.

Tow trees are visible in teh background, and an image of what loooks like a sun, but is actually teh aura of the wo lovers, sends a refreshing, yellow , and youthful vibration about.

The image of thelovers is also visible on teh Queen of Swords card, both the Lovers and the Q of swords are traditionally Gemini.


the lady

I'd not had the chance to examine this card very closely until it came up in a reading recently :) I was curious as to the possible meaning behind the pointing towards the tulips/birds.

I'm still fairly new, so this could be completely off the mark, but it seems as if she's saying something about the delicate nature of love? As with flowers, so with love, fragile, and doesn't necessarily last forever.

Maybe that's too literal? :)


Sometime live is wild, sometimes love is nurtured and kept in place, sometimes love just is, sometimes you have to be pointed in teh right direction for love to appear.


Oooooh, this is such lovely Lovers card!

The love shown here is passionate and sensual but also spiritual. You can see the energy created by their love rising up between the man and woman and linking them to the spiritual symbol at the top of the card.

This symbol shows a glowing white circle symbolizing the infinite, a six pointed star and a yin/yang. Both the hexagram and the yin/yang can symbolize union of two principles, the active and passive, male and female. The hexagram can also symbolize the divine interacting with humanity. The sparkles in their hair show that they are spiritually alive, awakened and blessed.

The Lovers are shown in a beautiful garden with flowers and birds. The woman points to a red tulip. To me, the tulip seems to represent passion (two-lips together tie them forever....). The lily represents purity, spirituality. The lilies of the valley represent humility.

There are two birds and behind them is a round something, not sure what it is. It actually looks like a large host.

Deciding to love, to be a person who loves, is an important choice.