Court cards


Como interpretais rey, reina, caballero y sota del mismo palo juntas?

How do you interpret king, queen, knight and page of the same suit altogether?


A full house :D
If all the court cards of the same suit appeared in a spread, my first reaction would be to see them as a family, people who are related to each other or share some common link; however, the meaning could vary. It would depend on their positions in a spread &/or the focus or question as they could represent people or the development of a situation. Possibly other situations arising out of one main issue.



Listen to MeeWah.

I think court cards are the hardest of all to read. Perhaps because I am a Hermit, my inclination is to ask, "What 'ta hell you doin' on my mountain?"

A wild exaggeration, but you see what I mean. But make a note, think about it, and you'll find that it fits.



I have a lot of problems with court cards especially. Tarot Moon's article helped me out a lot. But, like MeeWah, I see all the court cards of one suit together as a family. Together, they can peaceful and loving but like all family's they can have their ups and downs. But most family problems can be solved with everyone's support and co-operation. Sometimes, the family members need to put their personalities aside in order to solve the problem... but sometimes it's the personalities that get the family thru times of trouble... I think I've talked myself into confusion, but maybe you'll understand what I mean.


Interesting to see this topic this morning. I did a reading last night for a young man who described himself as the black sheep of the family.

Lo and behold, up come the King, Queen and Knight of Cups for his family, but he shows up as the Page of Swords.

I guess he wasn't kidding about the black sheep thing.


Mojo: That is a great example of how court cards can work--thanks for sharing!

New River

i am with mee wah on this. the court cards always amaze me how they show up in groups. sometimes the querent is asking about themselves and their whole family shows up. let's face it, family play a huge role in our lives. aren't they always there somehow?
your asking this question has refreshed my view of the court cards. thanks! New River


i seem to have a lot of problems with the court cards also, knowing whos who?
for example;a man of 39,brown hair and beard with gray,dark blue eyes,would he be swords or wands???


Thank you very much. Your explanations helped a lot. I would also like to thank all the people that wrote back.

Muchas gracias, las explicaciones me ayudaron bastante. Gracias a todos por haber contestado.

Luz y amor en vuestras vidas

Love and light.


Tigerlilie: You can match up a person to a court card by his birth date, personality or physical appearance.
Wands represent the element of Fire; are associated with the Sun signs of Aries, Leo & Sagitarius.
Swords represent Air; are associated with Gemini, Libra & Aquarius.
Astrologically, a person's appearance & personality (social skills) are seen as being influenced by his rising or ascendant sign, which is the 1st House of the Zodiac. The character or basic traits is influenced by the Sun sign (but most people will have traits encompassing other planetary positions).
Courts can also represent a quality the querent is using & therefore is an aspect of same rather than another person. It can also represent a situation.