Crop circles & Cymatics

ana luisa

Not a divination per se but has anybody studied crop circles in depth ? I was watching a show on cymatics and the connection between the shapes and sound was made. I would appreciate a reference book or more information on that :)


a friend of mine and big inspiration in my life (sadly passed on many years ago from cancer :() was really into them and every Summer would go on a tour of the places they appear in the UK. There is a group who tour them and photograph them and then they sell a calendar of them for that year (and glossy prints of the best circles). The friend did it every year and was good friends with the organiser who had an expensive professional camera for capturing them. They always appeared in the Summer before the harvesting of the fields. Sometimes they had a helicopter if they could raise the funds to hire one and would photograph them from above. The annual calendar is a best seller and the money goes back into their research into them. There is almost no "official" scientific research ongoing.

My friend claimed she knew which were real and which were fake. There is an organisation in the UK who claim they make them and they are all faked by this art group. They often create fields for advertising and tv and film work (like brand logos in fields) but they are often in the newspapers here saying they made them. *exclusive - we made them all!* type stories. One time they were in one place in the UK making them with a camera crew filming their "reveal of fakery" but in another part of the UK other circles appeared with complex designs. The friend said the faked ones were clearly made with a team of people and those boards to stand and push down but there was never foot prints. In the fake circles the corn was broken and the designs more simple. They also took ages to make them, like 12 hours with a team!

No one in the crop circle researching group ever saw them being made but sometimes they would leave a field and they would appear within 5 mins! The friend said that not a single sheet of corn was broken in the real ones, they were just carefully bent or folded and moved in directions. People coming to look at the newly created circles would then walk to see it and break the corn on the way, there was no way for humans to make them or walk to them without breaking corn! (they would donate money to the farmers in a donation box in the field of the new circles, so they lost no money from the crops and they would have many people come to visit!).

My friend was convinced it was some sort of vibrational energy to make them but not sure she ever referred to cymatics or sound. The weirdest story was that the friend with the camera went to a field circle which had just appeared and was the first one to get to it, she took out her camera to photograph it and it had melted! People also had huge battery drain issues near the circles!

Some of the designs have the big circle and an inner circle and groves, it looks like a vinyl record or a cd but there is no way to make a mold of them to see what they would do or sound like when "played" because they are so wide. Those are some of the most complex designs.

I can't really help with the books but wanted to share some of the stories my friend told me when she went every year! She definitely knew the ones that were human made or had an unknown explanation and the energy and not broken crops mystified her! I was just having a look on google and the lady who was her photographing friend has written many articles on UK sites about her belief now in cymatics as the cause of the circles! :thumbsup:


don't know if this follows your thought or not, but there is a black and white, and color Crop Circle oracles, And a couple on Sacred Geometry