It's just past midnight here, so I would like to wish all the Thoth-ites a
Merry Crowleymas. :)


Oh wow! It's Aleister Crowley's birthday?! Good thing I'm a Thoth-ite now!


...I bought my first Thoth deck a day before his birthday? Talk about synchronicity!

I can't think of anything more appropriate to celebrate than to start reading the Book of Thoth by candlelight. Merry Crowleymas indeed!

6 Haunted Days

Crowleymas? That's cute :laugh:


Thanks Aeon! The day is special for me too... literally. :) We share the 3 of Swords.


His birth chart may be of some interest:

Note Uranus in his 1st House, Neptune at MC opposing Jupiter in Scorpio on the IC, 8th House Moon in Pisces and the Pluto/Uranus/Saturn T Square. Great stuff!