crystal meaings needed please Labradorite, strawberry quartz and quartz


I dreamt I was with a man a friend and he said he bought me a gift but he had made a mistake! he said the scroll down menu was wrong I meant to buy you quartz points! but I bought strawberry quartz crackle quartz instead im not happy. I woke up.

I went on google bought strawberry quartz and quartz points!

strawberry quartz arrived very late and the seller refunded me, I received this free. I feel weird about it as, it feels as if the dream gifted me this?

travelled to festival Friday got back in the evening 30k visited strawberry fair, it was ok better wandering the town. Yet I was blown away by the spiritual stalls! so much there hard not to buy everything!

well I bought 2 Labradorite Hearts. one larger one smaller and just wondered why I was so drawn to them? I was looking for protective stones that close aura holes and shield me. No idea if these will do the job or not? please

looking to know why Labradorite
why Quartz perhaps help me open gifts? receive
why strawberry quartz i feel it will maybe help me with self love and finding love?

thank you


thank you tabbed link :))