Crystals for animals


Hi, my bedroom is full of crystals and stones, I have 3 budgies in a cage and I would like to place crystals on the bottom of the cage for peace and harmony and just to keep them stress free.. does anyone have any idea what Crystals to use. I currently have a rose quartz and selenite in there cage with dried eucalyptus leaves scattered around just to keep bugs away.. very interested to here others opinions on what they use With there animals and is it even safe to do so. Thanks in advance

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I think the rose quartz crystal is one of the best crystals to have for peace and harmony. I would be a bit leary though of putting eucalyptus leaves in the bottom of the cage. Are they safe for birds to eat? The birds may try to do that.

I also will mention that the crystals don't need to be inside the cage. having them close by should still help.

Also consider clear quartz crystals. They, too bring peace and harmony. others are citrine and amethyst. There are probably many more--you can google to find out.


Agree completely, in every respect, with celticnoodle.


Um...but, clear quartz amplifies things, and if they are not feeling peaceful, it may amplify the strife.

I think CN is correct though by saying they need not be in the cage. In fact, myself, I would be inclined to put them on a table under or beside the cage.

I also wouldn't put herbs in the cage, myself. You could scatter them around and under, and it would still do its job.

I would think for peaceful and harmonious relationships, Celestite might be a good stone to get. Also rainbow moonstone, or black moonstone. Labradorite also lends peacefulness and protection. Certainly rose quartz is nice, too. :)

Lastly, if the birds are fighting a lot, I would just put them in separate cages. That would help a lot! And crystals would then be as they should be - a secondary back-up, or helper.

Just my opinion on this.


Long time Birbmom here,

While budgies and eucalyptus are both native to Australia, Do not put eucalyptus leaves in your birb's cage. Unless you're 100% sure of the sourcing and pesticide free status it's better to leave medicinal plants out of areas where they can get it. There have also been anecdotal reports of eucalyptus interfering with bird nutrition (I recommend Harrison's or Roudybush).

The only thing that prevents bugs is weekly cage cleaning, more in the summer. Some people use FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth in areas the birds definitely can't reach, but I wouldn't want to risk the birds inhaling or eating it, myself.

As far as the crystals are concerned next to the cages is probably best. Budgie beaks are stronger than we give them credit for and those little clowns like to get themselves into trouble.

I also recommend to only do shared cage time under supervision unless you are going to provide a large enough cage ( for 3 budgies you need at least a 30"x30"x30" cage with appropriate bar spacing and several perching and hidey spots (not just the crappy dowels provided with the cage). Even then, you might have stressed and quarrelsome birbs.

Hope this helps.


I feel I should also point out that often bird keepers make the mistake of thinking "it's ok for a bird to have it in the wild, so it's ok in captivity" But two factors come into play: Environment and instinct.

Birds have a far more varied diet in the wild and access to digestive aides like natural clays which also aide in detoxification. We can't even begin to presume we have the ability to replicate that. Also, the amounts of edibles are drastically different as well. A wild bird who chews a wayward leaf here and there is a far different matter from a captive bird that has regular access to the same type of leaf.

Eucalyptus is also very aromatic so keep an eye out for respiratory issues, and while originally dry, I would be worried that the moisture and bacteria from the bird droppings would rehydrate the leaf and promote mold or mildew in their living environment if not changed frequently.

Also our birds are several generations removed from their wild relatives (with a few long lived exceptions). Their instincts aren't as sharp, and captive birds are prone to anxiety driven behaviors you'd never witness in the wild (excessive chewing, plucking, repetitive stress behaviors, etc.) that preclude self preservation. A captive bird wouldn't know a poisonous plant from a tasty treat, and it wouldn't recognize warning signs for such either that would cause them to stop in the wild. It would just see something to help it stave off boredom.

Anywho, let me know how the crystals work out, I'm interested to see what results you get.


Since this post I removed the leaves, I have a rose Quartz placed at the bottom of the cage (they never ever go to the bottom of the cage ) amethyst And sodalite around the cage I only chose the sodalite because one of my budgies took a shine to it when out of cage and I have peace and harmony 99% I'd the time. I have 2 big cages joined together so there is plenty room. I'm not sure if my birds just calmed down or if the stones helped but it's all good now.. I also have used amethyst on my dog when she's stressed and it does calm her down. This is off topic but I get the best vibrations from howlite. My hands literally buzz when I hold it.... thanks for comments very much appreciated.

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thank you, molly gog for updating us here. I'm glad to hear the crystals have (or seem to have ) helped keep your budgies calm and peaceful. :)

Interesting about the howlite for you--and the amethyst for your pooch. I recently rec'd a danburite crystal and the first time I put it near me at bedtime--(I sat it on the bedside table) the crystal seemed to emit a very high pitched tone! I could only hear it in the bedroom. Strangest thing. But, its always wonderful when you get such feelings from a crystal.

I have many howlite pieces and use to carry it often with me (as I have bone issues). I know it is also a great stone to help you to reach higher spiritual consciousness. It also seems to calm me, when I carry it. I'm not sure if that is an attribute to this crystal or if it is just because when I carry it my bones don't seem to hurt as much, but whichever, I like it! :)

thank you again for updating us. :)