Crystals from Hell


That's so cool! And yeah, I would be concerned about setting free random "bugs" in your home or other areas that no one has been exposed to. My guess, is that unless the crystals someone has were mined before this discovery, they're probably going to make sure that they aren't sold. (Unless you can find them from some obscure black-market like retailer.)


I wouldn't be concerned. They said the microbes were inside little pockets of water inside the crystals. And they had a hard time keeping them alive. They probably can't survive once they come in contact with oxygen. I don't think there is a risk with crystal mining in general of spreading weird stuff around...except maybe dinosaurs :p


I've probably been watching too much Fortitude :angel:


To be fair, I have to admit that when I read the title of your article, I had a moment of ''Oh my god they might uncover a deadly virus and it's gonna spread and it's going to be like in the movies!!!!'' Then I read the article and it put my mind at ease haha.

That's still a really cool discovery!!

Those people working at such hot temperatures are really dedicated!


:) Well - lets hope not.

...move over Andromeda Strain? :joke:
(fact can be stranger than fiction).