Daily Cards


Do you find that you experience energies of a card drawn for the day all the time or if energy isn't felt do you look at it as some sort of lesson to be learned, warning not to allow that type of energy to affect you, etc.
Yesterday I pulled the 2 of Cups, and it was the most wonderful,fulfilling, day where me and hubby were so connected, in union, sharing without fear, sharing without triggering fear, not plagued with doubts about one another's fidelity, or abandonment issues.

Today I pulled the 3 of Swords, and I'm not sensing that kind of energy, actually good energy from yesterday has lingered into today. So how should I look at this card?


Just as a reminder not to let anything come between the lovely harmony you had yesterday!


i interpret the 3 of swords differently from the RW or other standard systems, so my take on the card may not be too helpful.

but in answer to your first question, no, i don't always see a correspondence between my daily read and my actual day. sometimes when i do see a connection, it's so slight and tangential as to be ridiculous... like the day i drew the 6 of pentacles, and found myself spending money all day in little dribs and drabs, as if i were dropping coins all around me. i consider this to be a developmental stage of tarot study. eventually i'll have enough mastery of the cards to see the subtleties better, and make more connections with my daily life.

i posted a story about today's daily spread on the "your readings" forum under "opaque daily read..." posted for your amusement. :)


Thanks everyone for your responses. I forgot to mention that this 3 of Swords was Reversed. Does anyone have a good interpretation for that, possibly from Greer's Tarot Reversals. I hear so much good about that book I just wonder what it has to say about it.



Perhaps this card is a simple reminder that despite your great day yesterday connecting with your husband, the heart is pierced by the past storms in the relationship. These scars affect us in body, mind and spirit. But they do not comprise the the final word but rather make the sweeter moments all the more enjoyable.

I celebrate with you in your joy.


I just read this section in Greer. Great book btw. You should definitely check it out. She says that it can mean that the heartbreak/disaster was averted or has dispersed, but it can also mean that the querant is dwelling on past bad events and has not moved past them. Of course, Greer says it better and has more layered meanings and possibilities, but that's the general idea.