Daily Faery Draw


Hi all!

Just wondering if you all do a daily draw for inspiration, guidance, and such? If so, do you ask a specific question or just take the card and know that it'll have something to do with your day?

Just curious about the practices of others.



I draw a Faery almost every day (*almost* ... I actually have been very lax with my Fae this past month...). But, I don't use my daily draw to pose a question to Them, instead I just think of my daily draw as the Faery who is nearest to me today, either in energy form (vibrational) or in my mind (thought pattterns).

Dream Faeries are nice too, I have often forgotten to draw a Day Faery, but pulled one before bed for a Dream message as well.


I draw a daily Faerie and I do it the same as Alissa. I don't ask a specific question just ask for the energy that will manifest for that day.
The Faerie that will best express it.
And the wisdom to hear what that Faerie is saying.
Today I got The Master Maker rx card 22
And since I'm not feeling very well I know I'm not going to be acomplishing anything very grand today.
I always find my one Faerie pick right on. I never fail to learn something from it.
Hope you try it. Namaste. lark

P.S. A Faerie card to dream on is wonderful! I set one next to my lamp and contemplate it before I fall asleep.
Sometimes I know which one I want and sometimes I pull one.
But beware! They can led you on a merry chase in your dreams.

Ruby Red Slippers


I too draw a daily Faeries card. No special question, Just who's energy will be around that day. I also pick during the day sometimes, with a question. They never fail me.....

I also bought 8x10 prints of the Faery Godmother for my 2 grown children and framed them for Christmas. I felt they needed to have a "loving faery Godmother" in their life each day, since they live in other cities from me.

Of course I also ordered one for myself and also "Friends" & "Epona's Wild Daughter". They are framed over my alter.....I love them. They remind me we are all connected!

Hope you love the faeries and continue to share with us!



i also framed a couple when my neice was born i gave her pictures of boon and the fairy friends to put in her room. i felt like they could protect and grow with her.
...although her mom wont put them her room and kept them for herself, but thats another story


Faery Prints

You know I can't say that I blame her mom, now that I have seen the faery prints I have to keep my cc locked away so I don't break the bank buying them all up!

I like the idea of the Fae watching over her. Thanks for sharing!