Daily Reading to Learn Tarot


What a great way to learn the deck. Thank you.

As crazy as this might seem. I normally do a one or three card reading (I am working on developing a 4 card morning question spread) and doing the reading at that moment. I never thought of pulling the cards and then returning to them at the end of the day and seeing how the relate.

What a great idea! Again, thank you.



I just found this thread also and what a great idea.I'm going to try it later this morning using my Transparent tarot. I think this will be a great way to learn this deck


Thanks for the spread! I'm really looking forward to using it, and to sorting my deck :)

Cactus Dahlia

This sounds great! I'm gonna try it too. Hopefully it will help me understand the court cards a bit better.

I too, couldn't be bothered splitting up my main deck each day for this, but it's about time my Aquarian Tarot got an airing.

Thanks for the spread.


3 card spread

Thank you for offering a new spread for us to try out...



As a newbie I'm learning the subtly that comes with each reading. Before, I thought each card was a huge deal that would smack me across the head. But they actually manifest in the subtlest of ways. I fell more aware and attuned learning the cards this way.



I wanna try this spread in my daily reading too...


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I tried this last night with my Aquarian deck, right after I did the "New deck interview" spread. This 3 card spread is a wonderful way to learn the cards. I feel very comfortable (not so intimidated) as I have with other spreads.


This is a really good idea. I'll set aside a deck just for this purpose, as I'm too lazy to re-sort the deck each time I use it.