Daily Reading to Learn Tarot


I will definitely be doing this! I just started Tarot so I think it will be very useful..I've been looking for a practical spread just for this purpose anyway so thanks for sharing!

Now I do have a question for you:

q)since this is to learn about each Tarot card, do you leave out the card you drew in the previous day so you don't get the same one? orrr is it alright to get the same card again since it will reinforce the meaning of that particular card? Possibly even give you a different perspective for that card?


This is really a great idea, I'm going to do it! I'll use my Gilded Tarot and just separate them out each time, until I get a second deck, which I'll probably separate out just for this purpose :)

Thanks for posting this, as a reallllly green newbie, I am looking for ways to connect with the cards and learn them, that have meaning to me as well.



This sounds like a great idea. I'm going to do this with my Gilded Tarot deck.
I'm a newbie and I need all the help I can get in learning these cards.


I'll try this tomorrow with my Fey Tarot.



Wow. I didn't realize that I've been gone for so long. Thanks for all the posts and comments!

When I was doing this daily, it was very helpful. I kept a notebook just for this reading and my findings. I learned a lot.

Thanks, Alissa, for reminding me of this spread. I think it's time to stretch out my tarot muscles again and try this with a few of my newer decks.

Fly My Pretty

I'm definitely going to try this with my Divine Tarot deck that came in the mail yesterday. I've been a bit slack over the past few weeks so it's time I dived back in.


hi i have just sorted a tarot deck just for this purpose ...
have pulled all 3 cards ..
it will be intresting to see what transpires for tomorrow !!!( 4th-5-2011 )
blessings XXS-HXX

Brandi _

I love this! I have been studying my cards every day, and this spread puts such a great emphasis on each of the families of cards rather than having it be completely random. Thank you! I am putting this into my Tarot journal now! ^^


I absolutely love this spread, such a great idea. I just tried it looking back on the day and not only was it very accurate but I felt an immediate connection to the card meanings on all three cards, and I often find that I have to look up a card or two in a spread. I'm looking forward to continuing with this spread. I don't even think I'll mind separating the deck out every day (I'm just using one of my decks for now).

Arafel Sedai

OH This is just lovely!

I am brand spanking new to this site...and it has been a long while since I've handled a deck. (The Mary El slapped me across the face and demanded that I buy her...so here I am trying to relearn all I've forgotten...and all on a completely new deck!)

This spread is just perfect for relearning and actually learning the new deck. I love the idea of having to seperate them all over again every night simply because it gives me a chance to feel the heft and slide of the cards in my hands....and to visit the images again and again.

Many thanks for your terrific idea. ;-)