Daily Reading to Learn Tarot


Thanks for the spread, even though you posted this so many years ago - it is still helping recent newbies like me.

I start this today :)


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Just as a reminder. :)
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You can naturally link your reading to the spread you have used.
Thank you.

I think this is a great spread idea. I often use this one but because I seldom want to separate the Majors/Courts/Minors of my deck I just pull three cards and see what comes up.
If all 3 are courts they are all people I will meet that day. If they are all Majors (which rarely happens) it will be a day of lessons for me. :p Three Minors will just be 3 pieces of advice etc.


love this idea! testing it out

I love this idea. I've been looking for a good way to integrate a daily practice while better learning the cards for myself.


After a year that I was drawing the card of the day and saw its meaning during the day, I started daily doing this spread described above.

Three cards and trying to understand their advice and their warnings during the day.
I took a picture of the spread every day using an application diary so I could check the previouses days cards.

I was doing this for more than four months and then I realize that some advice and warnings apllied two or three days later in a very clear way.

Is this happening to someone else too?


Love this idea. I've been looking for something a bit different for connecting with new decks and incorporating it into a daily spread and this covers both angles. Thank you so much


This gave me a good idea, Shesawolf. You'll see in a few days, it's going to be grand. Thanks!