Daily Tarot trends for July 2001


Welcome back daily readers! How was your July?
Very confusing month for me -- The Tower three times- twice two Thursdays in a row! I got the Moon both upright and reversed. I also got the Magician 3 times; twice for Strength and Hanged Man. Can you tell I was having a lot of work-related problems? :) 12 out of 31 cards were Minors.


I had a really strange reading about mid-July. Just a normal 6 card past, present, future.

Past - Death, Wheel of Fortune
Present - The Tower, 10 Coins
Future - 9 Wands, 3 Coins

This reading puzzled me for a couple of days until a few things fell into place and I had, without knowing it, done a reading for my Mom. I must have been thinking about her problems as I was shuffling. Its given me a new insight and next time I'll do a 'proper' reading for her.


Out of 45 cards thrown in July, 14 were Majors, 12 were Pents. It guess it shows that I worry too much about financial matters. Only 3 swords, tho.


Well, I didn't pull a card every day but out of the six readings I wrote down this month there were some definite trends. Cups, cups and more cups. The page of cups three times. The two twice. I had eleven cups come up all together in the readings. Nine misc. suit cards and all the rest were Majors. The Moon twice. Death three (!) times. The other majors were all over the board.


5 x King of Swords.
4 x Star
4x Fool
2x Queen Pentacles

None of these suprise me. The Queen represents how I was feeling in July, King of Swords is my boyf, the Star shows that I had a great time in July (Which I did, travelling- Galstonbury, Oxford) and the Fool also doesn't suprise, as it relates to new beginnings and fresh challenges. Again, something which showed up alot in July. I got all four Aces, and I've forgotten how many were Minor Arcana, how many Major. BTW: I draw 2 cards a day, not one.



well, i seem to be out of the glut of pentacles. still getting more of those than most, but i am seeing a growing trend of cups (yeay) and the past week alone i have gotten a lot of major arcana cards.

to preface all this, i am going thru a serious but way kewl saturn returns. i am happier than i have ever been and things just seem to be falling into place for me,.... in all aspects of my life, career, home, family and love!=)

it's very surreal and i have been pinching myself the last few weeks as this friday will draw my 27th bday and the return to a full circle.

on an interesting card note i got almost two identical reads last week. monday i got the 10 of pentacles, 3 of cups, and the hanged man... and then after lots of shuffling and whatnot, on tuesday, i got the 8 of cups, 3 of cups and hanged man again.

hmmm... i wunner what wunnerful surprises and new twists will be coming my way.

i may revise this post late when i have my journal out, i may have some more wild tidbits to add.

but all in all it's been a great month and a wild ride... i wonder what tomorrow will bring.

blessed be,


I myself seem to be plagued with cups and swords. (mostly court cards). BUt the most occuring cards were:

Queen of Swords
Prince of Swords
HIgh Priestess (which was also my card for today)


hi guys. hey Tarotbear. I knew this post was coming, so I made sure to record my cards for July (though skipped a few days here and there.) What a month. whew.

Mostly Cups and Majors. Ace of Cups three times (and often appeared in my Celtic Crosses). 8 of Cups, King of Cups, and 3 of Cups - all two times. And, for majors... Tower, Devil, Death, Temperance (reveresed)!!!! But, I guess those were balanced out by the High Priestess, Strength, Magician, and Justice. Then, a scattering (3-5) of cards in the remaining suits (swords, wands, pents.)

Guess this makes sense, as I was (and still am) undergoing some emotional and physical cleansing / purification. (Hope that's what this is!!!)

And August... so far, I'm off to a really scary start: The Devil, and The Lovers (reversed!) shudder. sometimes I wonder just what the heck is going on and why!

Anyway, that's the scoop. :)