Dante's commedia and the Tarot



I'm proud to present the essay of Bob O'Neill relative to Dante's Commedia and it's plausibles influences upon the redactors of the Tarot.

The study of Bob relative to Dante and the Tarot first written in 2002 is now
available on the web :

Dante's Commedia and the Tarot

Tahnks Bob for this important contribution.

Alain Bougearel


...and a belated thank you to Alain for bringing this link to everyone's attention.

Robert O'Neill's contributions remain, to my mind, amongst the most important contributions to Tarot made over the past twenty years.

His essays currently available free of charge from tarot.com are a gift and gem to the Tarot world.

If anyone has not as yet obtained for themselves copies of the same, may I encourage and urge you to do so... there are but very few items I would so strongly recommend.