Darkness of the Three Pentacles


Just noticed the darkness in the Three of Pentacles card!

Five Pentacles and the Nine and Ten of Swords I've noticed
before but the Three of Pentacles, never thought too much
about...until this morning.

Now does the darkness in the card mean manifestation of the
work the man on the left is going to produce or show to
the others?

Would the man be building through the brick wall to open
up and build onto the structure of the building?

Would the darkness behind the wall be what the other
two men in the picture do not understand about the project?

I understand the man on the left has more knowledge because
he is standing on a stool, higher than the others.
(Isn't funny when you all of a sudden say "HEY, what's that all
about! LOL)

Thanks for any help,
ros :)


Not to sound too anti-establishment or anti-Christian (the former. not the latter, I), but aren't they in a church? In my opinion, dark inherently...



Ive always looked at the building as a University or an old place of learning - or learning old teachings - so the darkness to me has to do with initiation, doctrines, old lore, perfected craft, higher accreditation.

Ive often wondered what under the arches, but I get it corridors leading to teaching rooms with high celings and mahogany panelling LOL!! :)

Elven x


Oh, and now I see that there are two archways!

Would there be two different directions to go and if
you take the wrong archway you end up in the
Five of Pentacles?

(What a mess I got myself into today! LOL)


LOL!!!! ros - you're funny!!

I see the archway as being very balanced - eveything is symetrical so I see that as you walk through the archway there is a wide space and in front are choices - a corridor (wide) to both youre left and right - rows of teaching rooms - so neither positive or negative - more like a choice of finding the right room for the right lesson or the right mentor or teacher - I'd like to think there is a canteen at both ends LOL!! But now Im stretching it!!

Elven x


Sometimes I see the darkness as the genius and creativity trying to be restricted by the two figures standing to the side with the plan in their hands.



I'll get some books out over the weekend and see
what I come up with. It's bothered me all week! LOL


Yes, me too, I've been wondering why the three pentacles are not colored golden like the pentacles on the rest of the pentacle cards.

Just read in Tarot As A Way Of Life, Karen Hamaker-Zondag

"the work is still incomplete...but when you finish your training you will surely achieve your goal."

...so if education or spiritual knowledge are incomplete there is something 'unknown'--the darkness can certainly represent the unknown.



Visit the interior of the earth. Through rectification thou shalt find the hidden Stone.


I've always seen the 3 of pents as an internship of sorts, some upstart benefiting from the experience of the two gents to his right. I mean, the guy on the stool doesn't seem too steady with that cup in his hands overturned. The grey I associate with his doubts, like am I going in the right direction? is this what I want to do with the rest of my life? Where's the bathroom?
Never noticed those two darken hallways, maybe one leads to a confessional?