Davison Relationship Chart & Sabian Symbols


Not sure if this has been discussed before, but I was checking out the "Davison Relationship Chart" for me and a certain someone. And got the idea to read the Sabian Symbols associated with our combined chart. Quite interesting!

Has anyone else ever tried this? Did you find it to ring true for you and the relationship?

For mine, our combined chart (Davison) produced the Sun at 14 degrees Aquarius, which means Aquarius 15 Sabian Symbol.

"Two Lovebirds Sitting on a Fence and Singing Happily". :)

And I just go down the chart, reading the SS for all the planets/signs.

I got the chart from "astro.com". Click on "free chart" and set one up for yourself and someone (or an event!) you want to know more about. If you have the time of birth/the event, this will work much better. Then go to "extended chart selection" and, under "methods" pull-down menu, select "davison chart corrected".


EightWands sorry for the delay in replying!
I have not used the "Davison Relationship Chart" - but I do synastry chards and I think any tool that calls out to you should be used with confidence..
I am going to investigate the astro.com free chart - thanks for the TIP!

The Sun degree you get for your combined chart (Davison)
"Two Lovebirds Sitting on a Fence and Singing Happily".
sounds lovely.....

And I just go down the chart, reading the SS for all the planets/signs.

I think the insights would be pretty amazing hmmmm with like you suggest events and partners, maybe parent - children, teacher - student, person - pet, siblings, gosh - :)



My Son and I Sagittarius 11
Sabian Symbol: The lamp of physical enlightenment at the left temple
(Crystal Astrology) Affirmation: The Divine within me honours the Divine in you.

WOW - that is so 'us' - she says smiling..

My husband and I
Capricorn 1
Sabian Symbol: An Indian chief demanding recognition
(crystal astrology) Message: Determined resolve to improve circumstances.
Focus: Personal power and respect come from your strength, stability and firmness. Affirmation: I make my vision a reality; my mission is successful.
Speaks volumes about our karmic pattern... and is quite true.. in a very esoteric way.