Death - Major # 13


Wow! WAY TOO CLOSE to home!

At 42, I found myself staring at Mario's headstone screaming "I'm too young to be standing here! This should not have happened for years and years yet!"

Although this image does reinforce the image of the Death card and physical death, at least the LWB waxes philosophical about it: " Allowing time to mourn. A part of yourself has outlived it's usefulness."

Is there anyone in the world who doesn't know of someone who died of AIDS or an AIDS-related complex? Too many ... too many. This image is in some ways more startling than a skeleton on horseback, but it does serve to remind the survivors that life is for the living and to keep moving on.


Exactly! I wanted the picture to focus on the survivors.

-- Lee


I had a question about his one. When I first saw the image I assumed that the person in the grave was his lover or a very lose friend and I thought that this was a very powerful sentiment. Later I noticed taht the only decipherable part of the tombstone is what looks like a birth date of 1903 and a death date at 20?? for the deceased. So then it seemed to me to be about the death of an older relative. That would probably make for a more natural look at life and death but isn't quite as intense as the lover/friend version. Was the 1903-20?? (is it 1903?) put on the tombstone for a reason Lee?


Good question. I just got out the card and had a look. I didn't specify any dates to Antonella. As I see the dates on the tombstone, it could be 1903, 1963 or 1983, it's really not that clear. So, it's true that my original intention was that it be a lover/friend, but I think a little ambiguity here doesn't hurt. Let's say it probably is a lover/friend but also possible that it's a relative.

Of course, it could still be a lover/friend even if born in 1903! :)

-- Lee