Deck of the Week : Sign-up Thread: Week 303 : May 20 - May 26


I'm in with the Tabula Mundi (b&w) paired with the Universe Cards. Thank you VG.:heart:
A hearty welcome to our new members! :)


hi, I'm new here. I'm interested.

i would choice

mini Macaroon tarot with astrology oracle 48 cards.

so i can choice my own spread and post my reading of it? or is there a suggested spread that i have to use?
or is it just for daily draw??


You can do whatever you want with your chosen deck! Daily draws are just common, hence the separate thread for them. We're pretty casual here, so do whatever you like! :cool:

I've been spending today using my deck to help flesh out some characters, and I forgot how great the Prisma Visions is at the storytelling aspect of Tarot. The cards just flow together so well!


Welcome to all those who are new here and thank you once again VG for hosting these threads.


Hello everybody,

I am so enjoying the Lioness Oracle Tarot and will use it again this week. It works so well with the Spirit Cats.

Thank you for the new thread, VG. And a warm welcome to the new joiners.
Wishing all a great week!

Thanks for the new thread VG :)

I'm not even mentioning the R word this week... if it gets here it gets here :p

mine is lost, too :-(


welcome Luxa, the green witch was a real surprise for me. It is particularly good with work type readings. I hope you stay long and prosper,.. here at AT
Thanks AJ! Some you you guys have been around for for ages ;-) I hope I stick around long enough for that too! My tarot reading needs it!!

@AJ and Green Faerie I've had a bit of a play with the green witch tarot, and first impressions are good - it seems to tell a great story.

And hello to everyone who wasn't here last week :)

Edit to say sorry about the lost tarot, that sucks!!


hi, I'm new here. I'm interested.

i would choice

mini Macaroon tarot with astrology oracle 48 cards.

so i can choice my own spread and post my reading of it? or is there a suggested spread that i have to use?
or is it just for daily draw??


Hi snowmoon! Is the Tarot you're using the one in the red metal box and very cute art-work? It looks very cool.

As lantana has already said, there are few rules here. If you choose to post daily draws you can post them here;

Other Tarot readings can be posted here;

And if you want to post readings with your oracle deck, you can post them here;

And if you lose track of my reply, these links are also in VG's first post in this thread.

I'm looking forward to your impressions of the Macaroon Tarot, it looks like a fun deck.


My first time signing up for this and excited to try.
The deck for the week will be Tarot of the Holy Light

hi, I'm new here. I'm interested.

i would choice

mini Macaroon tarot with astrology oracle 48 cards.

so i can choice my own spread and post my reading of it? or is there a suggested spread that i have to use?
or is it just for daily draw??


I would love to participate. I need to spend some timing working with my Linestrider deck.

Hello and welcome Aquamarine, Swoonmoon, DC ! I hope you will like it here as much as I do !

It's the No Rule Thread here, so you can post pretty much how you wish, chat about your chosen decks, post your draws etc. As Trogon and Lantana said, you can find all relevant links in VG's opening post, and and you will find several specific threads opened to post daily draws, full readings, and oracle readings.
But, as it is the no rule thread here, its pretty free style ; and if you want to chat about your deck, and at the same time include infos about a draw you made in your chatting about your deck, you can of course post that here if you feel like it !

I'd love to join in again this week, I had a great time with you all last week :) It's so much fun to see what decks you're all using, most of them I have to go look up.

The Green Witch Tarot arrived in the post today, so it's brand spanking new and i can't wait to dive into it!!

Nice to see you again Luxa ! I like the Green Witch tarot, though I do not use it enough (because I have tooo many decks..;)

This week it will be two decks that I have already chosen recently, but I wish to deepen my work with them :

Japaridze tarot
Tarot of a Moon Garden

Thank you ! Have a great sunday everybody :)


I cannot believe it's Sunday! I'm in this week with Japaridze and Tabula Mundi.

Scarlet Woodland

mine is lost, too :-(

Still?! That totally sucks. I finally got an update with the ransom demand (£25 :() from Parcelforce and have paid, so it should be here on Tuesday. Hope yours shows up soon... without the accompanying wallet gouge. Was a combination of customs taking a week to check it and the delivery peeps being useless at updating their tracking in my case.

Have been amusing myself with lots of deck edging the last couple days. Bought some markers of various types to test out, after watching Sacred Seed on youtube. She's right, it is much easier than using ink pads. Am itching to edge the purple Trionfi Della Luna in silver but waiting for some metallic sharpies to come in the post first. Love my metallic ink pads but they're sooooo easy to mess up with. Could edge him in matching purple but he insists on silver... who am I to argue :D

Mary-El needs re-edging too but can't decide whether to touch up the existing copper or switch over to black. Ah, there we go; she says copper so that's another wait for sharpies job. My decks are demanding little buggers.


Initial thoughts on the Necronomicon Tarot

Physically, it's a very nice deck. The cards are a little bit shorter than my RWS deck, about 1/8 of an inch shorter, but are the same width. The card stock and finish are good with about the same feeling as my RWS. Very easy to handle, though a bit slicker than the Fantastic Menagerie I was using last week. I don't have another Llewellen deck with me right now, but I suspect it's pretty standard size and card stock for them.

I re-ordered the deck so that I could go through and look all of them over. The Necronomicon Tarot is definitely very different from the RWS. The accompanying book's introduction tells me that the card meanings follow standard Golden Dawn meanings as found in the Rider-Waite Tarot. However, many of the images differ to varying degrees (slightly different to wildly different) from the RWS.

For example, The Moon shows a path passing between two dogs, one is seemingly alert, the other more feral and vicious-looking while a mirage of a city hangs above the horizon with a waning crescent moon. There is no pool of the mind in the foreground, but the city has a rather watery, ethereal look to it. So the usual interpretations of The Moon seem to show themselves to me.

But then, The Hierophant shows the monstrous Dagon, god of The Deep Ones, approaching a shore with 3 of his "children", young Deep Ones in the water around him and a lighthouse in the background. Certainly at first glance this Hierophant has little of the RWS symbolism apparent in it. However, upon closer examination, those elements are there ... one can see the younger Deep Ones as The Hierophant's accolytes, the god himself as being representative of the trappings of religion and religious teachings. The lighthouse in the back as the knowledge sought.

The imagery one finds in The Necronomicon Tarot appears to be dark and strange. There are odd creatures portrayed in the Majors and many people in the Minors are engaged in strange rituals and magick. In spite of this, I don't necessarily get a dark feeling for the deck. When the deck was given to me (clear back in 2013 :bugeyed: ) I did a new deck reading - the upshot of it was that the deck will help me to become more intuitive and more in control of the energies and abilities I use for readings. My full reading is posted here

Overall, I'm excited to start using the deck and am off to do my first reading of the week with it ...