Deck of the Week : Sign-up Thread: Week 304 : May 27 - June 2


This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks. Each week on a Saturday we will be picking a new deck to work with exclusively for the week.

Anyone is welcome. Please join us!

1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week - if you wish you can choose 1 tarot and 1 oracle so you can participate in all areas of the forum

2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc.

3. Daily Draws can be recorded in our Group Daily draws thread: the thread is here for Jan - Jun 2017.

4. The following link is for members of the Deck of the Week group to post readings (other than Daily Draws) with their chosen decks or readings with spreads offered specifically by Deck of the Week members. No feedback or commentary on the spreads/readings is required (unless requested).
(tarot only)

Deck of the Week Tarot Readings

5. Here are links so that members can post daily readings/reflections on Oracles:

Oracle Decks - Threads in Oracle Readings forum (Oracles and combined Tarot & Oracle readings)

Deck of the Week Group - Oracle Readings

1. VGimlet - Dark Days Tarot & Globalight Angelic Tarot (22)
2. CharlotteK - Ancient Egyptian Tarot for & World Spirit Tarot
3. EmpyreanKnight - Waite-Smith Centennial Tarot & Golden Tarot of Klimt
4. Ballerina - Sacred Circle Tarot
5. Scarlet Woodland - Rosetta Papyrus & Sasuraibito & Mary-El Tarots
6. csmith0406 - Tabula Mundi & Oracle of Echoes
7. BodhiSeed - Fey Tarot & I Misteri Sibilla
8. Carojulie - Bohemian Gothic tarot & Sacred Bridges tarot & Wisdom of the Oracle
9. DaughterOfDanu - Animal Totem Tarot & Natures Whispers Oracle
10. Green Faerie - Victorian Fairy Tarot
11. Amberjune - Tarot of the Sidhe & the Wicca Deck
12. Morwenna - Prairie Tarot
13. Rose Lalonde - Tabula Mundi Tarot & Naruto CCG Oracle
14. lantana - Wooden Tarot & Earthbound Oracle & Visions Crystal Oracle
15. Trogon - Egyptian Tarot (Alasia)
16. DC419 - Linestrider Tarot
17. luxa - Green Witch Tarot
18. AJ - Tarot of the Sephiroth
19. RavenOfSummer - Tarot of Trees
20. page of ghosts - Original RWS Tarot


This week I'll be using the interesting Dark Days Tarot, and one more week with the Globalight Angelic. :cool4:


Hello VG, thank you for the new thread 👍. I'm going to move on to the Ancient Egyptian Tarot for my main study deck this week, and will also dip into The World Spirit Tarot. Have a great week 😉


It's still the Waite-Smith Centennial Tarot + the Golden Tarot of Klimt for this week.


Hi all.

I will go back to The Sacred Circle Tarot. It's one of my decks that grounds me and I need that this week. Also, I don't know it as well as I'd like.

Scarlet Woodland

I'm a greedy monkey this week so Rosetta Papyrus + Sasuraibito + Mary-El Tarots for me.

Found that the spreads on my reading table with the Sasuraibito and Rosetta are often so beautiful I can't put them away... so have been reading with the Mary-El in my lap :D

Thanks for the new thread VG

ETA: May have busted my budget for the Rosetta and Sasuraibito but it was so worth it. Has been a while since I received a deck so stunning it sent me non verbal, and now two come along at once. Mary-El was the last and she's still got it ;)


Hi all, I'm in this week with the Tabula Mundi and oracle of echoes.


I'm in with the Fey Tarot paired with I Misteri Sibilla this week. Thanks VG! :)


Hello !

Thank you VG for the new thread !

I feel like going back to my precious Bohemian Gothic tarot this week. But, as it is such a dark deck, and as we are, after all, on the other side of the year from Shamain, I will add a more sunny deck to go with it : Sacred Bridges, a true colorful, hot deck, still excellent for introspection, and at the same time capable of warming you back to life if needed.
And, as I recently got the Wisdom of the Oracle from Colette Baron-Reid (impulse purchase from Bookdepository...), I will add that as an oracle deck on the side. Thank you !

VGimlet, would it be a help for you to copy-paste ? Tell us if it helps ?

Carojulie - Bohemian Gothic tarot & Sacred Bridges tarot & Wisdom of the Oracle


I'm going to choose the Animal Totem Tarot this week. I love lots about this deck but the cardstock is abysmal. I'm also going with the Natures Whispers Oracle. Changed my mind on what oracle I wanted to use a bit but I'm pretty sure this is the one calling to me.
Last week I really enjoyed my reunion with the Bonefire. It's such an expressive deck!