Deck of the Week : Sign-up Thread: Week 305 : June 3 - June 9


This thread is for those who would like to work through their collection of decks. Each week on a Saturday we will be picking a new deck to work with exclusively for the week.

Anyone is welcome. Please join us!

1. Please post with your chosen deck for the week - if you wish you can choose 1 tarot and 1 oracle so you can participate in all areas of the forum

2. Chat away about your deck, how you're finding it etc.

3. Daily Draws can be recorded in our Group Daily draws thread: the thread is here for Jan - Jun 2017.

4. The following link is for members of the Deck of the Week group to post readings (other than Daily Draws) with their chosen decks or readings with spreads offered specifically by Deck of the Week members. No feedback or commentary on the spreads/readings is required (unless requested).
(tarot only)

Deck of the Week Tarot Readings

5. Here are links so that members can post daily readings/reflections on Oracles:

Oracle Decks - Threads in Oracle Readings forum (Oracles and combined Tarot & Oracle readings)

Deck of the Week Group - Oracle Readings

1. VGimlet - Dark Days Tarot
2. Ballerina - Babylonian Tarot
3. Green Faerie - Victorian Fairy Tarot
4. BodhiSeed - Wheel of Change & Oracle of Dreamtime
5. csmith0406 - Animism & the Tarot de Marseilles
6. Carojulie - Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot
7. AJ - Elemental Tarot
8. page of ghosts - Medieval Scapini
9. lantana - Fountain Tarot
10. DaughterOfDanu - Wild Wisdom of the Faerie Oracle
11. Morwenna - Avalon Tarot
12. Scarlet Woodland - Sasuraibito Tarot & AlyZen Lenormand & Absinthe Playing Cards
13. Luxa - The Green Witch Tarot
14. DC419 - Animal Totem Tarot
15. RavenOfSummer - Animals Divine Tarot & Voice of the Trees Oracle
16. Trogon - Egyptian Tarot (Alasia)
17. Rose Lalonde - Tabula Mundi Tarot & Naruto CCG Oracle
18. EmpyreanKnight - Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot & Thoth Tarot


I'm in with the Dark Days tarot again just because there was NO time last week - I think I read with it twice, which was a shame because I do like it.


This week I'm going to work with my Babylonian Tarot. I've owned it for years and have never used it.

Green Faerie

Victorian Fairy Tarot again for me. I am running around traveling this week, and I was preparing for departure last week, so my tarot reading has been nil. But, I am hoping to do a reading with my new home spread once I am back home, and there are few other things I'd like to ask my cards about!

Thank you for the thread, VG! It is much appreciated. :)


Bodhiseed - Wheel of Change and Oracle of Dreamtime

Thank you VG!:heart:


I'm in this week with Animism. I'm still using TM for my main deck, I may have found the "one" with this deck, BUT I do still want to go through my collection. I don't like having things that just gather dust so I'll have to figure how to either use my collection or divest myself of some decks. :)


Hello friends,

Oh mygod, may is already gone and it's june already. I feel that time flies by an I am getting older by the minute.

So this week I will work with the Mermaid tarot, from Dame Darcy.

I like its cartoonish imagery and its happy sea-witch vibe. Plus, all those images of lagoons and beautiful beache and sun sets and swimming under the sun, are resonating even better with me now that the weather is getting real hot in Auvergne and I feel like taking a swim in the mountain springs !

See you soon !

Carojulie - Dame Darcy Mermaid tarot


AJ - Elemental Tarot

thanks VG

page of ghosts

The Medieval Scapini showed up last week and I haven't had the chance to work with it yet so I'm thinking I'll focus on that deck this week :D


Fountain Tarot

It really is (almost) summer, huh? All my summery decks are calling to me, so this week I'll go with the Fountain Tarot. Its haziness and washed out colors really match the look and feel of the "humid season" here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful June! :love: