Deck of the Week : Sign-up Thread: Week 305 : June 3 - June 9


The Hazelmoon Hawaiian Tarot was actually featured in an episode of Hawaii 5-0. If you have Netflix or CBS All Access you can watch the whole thing (it's Season 3, episode 4). If you don't have either of those you can see the cards in a preview here: by Shade

The older Alice in Wonderland has the queen playing with flamingos for clubs. :)
Oh that's really neat. I'll check it out. Part of me likes the art of the Hawaiian tarot and the other part of me doesn't. Also the borders are pretty thick!


It's that time again to change decks for a new week...or not. })

The new thread is now here.


I didn't really spend as much time with the cards as I would have liked due to some stuff, but next week I definitely shall.


Final thoughts on the Egyptian Tarot (Alasia)

After two weeks of doing readings for both myself and some other folks, I'd like to add a few thoughts to my original impressions of the deck.

First off, I have to take back a little bit of what I said about the artwork. My original feeling was that it was kind of "flat" and static. But I have to alter that a little bit. I have found that as I examine the cards during a reading, they have more life than when I'm just kind of going through the deck. I still love the background texture of the papyrus that they're painted on and have grown to love the deck.

It is of course Thoth based and it seems to have the same kind of feel that the Thoth deck does. The Egyptian theme fits well with that.

The multi-lingual titles did turn out to be slightly distracting, but only slightly. The images and numbers on the cards of the Majors were usually good enough and I rarely found myself looking at those titles anyway. And really, it was the same with the Minors - the pips were illustrated with very clear images of the appropriate suit symbol, so the titles weren't needed.

Overall, I'm very glad to have connected with this deck. And my sister was quite thrilled to hear that I was using it.


My week with the Fountain has been pretty good. I've been doing three card daily draws with it, but instead of actually being a daily draw the deck just wants to point out all my personal issues instead. :laugh: It's definitely one for self-exploration.
It also really fit the weather this week! All rainy and muggy over here.

Going to keep my deck out tonight for a full moon reading before switching over.


Wow. It's really a big learning process with the Avalon. I spent the time trying to see if the minors had any relation whatsoever to the RWS style; very few overlaps. What I did not do is check it against any other decks, like the Stairs of Gold or something. But life happened and I got lazy. Next week it'll be something a little more familiar.