Decks with women who aren't in floaty dresses.


Ghetto Tarot? Or maybe check out intentionally feminist decks? Slow Holler is a recent one. Or do away with people entirely and check out some animal-theme decks.


From what I've seen of it, the Barbara Moore Steampunk Tarot has a lot of young women in trousers. Even in the dresses that appear, some look like they have a military touch.


Omegaland is a very quirky deck but there are no long flowing dresses. I count a couple of skirts and 2 naked women pics (Lovers...normal looking naked couple in bed. Devil....guy taking a naked woman).

But the rest show, strong, normally clothed women...most looking pretty bad ass.




How about the Bonefire Tarot!


I don't have any deck to suggest, since I'm mostly using animal themed decks (I have such a hard time finding ones with humans with a kind of art I like!), but I'm happy to see that kind of request on the forum and I'm even more happy to see good suggestions being given!
I'm loving some more diversity regarding the genders, sexuality and everything related to those stereotypes.

It might not fit what you are looking for, but I have the Manga Tarot (the one by Riccardo Minetti) and since the genders have been switched around for all cards (from the RWS tradition) there are many women depicted in men's clothing and even fighting suits and armor. There is also the 3 of chalices with 3 men dressed in women's clothes and showing off their fans! ( this one : )
Other than that, they are all mostly wearing traditional yukatas and kimonos.

Also I used to own the Steampunk Tarot by Moore and it's true, all pages are women wearing pants!


Have a look at The Cult of Weimar Tarot.

All the people depicted in the cards are real people from 1920s Berlin. All kinds of 'em. And you can click on each card to find out about the person or persons depicted on each card. So, every card has a true backstory about authentic people.

It was an artistically and stylisticly free time. So, a bit of everything imaginable.


The Everyday Enchantment Tarot by Poppy Palin has people in modern everyday settings and clothes.
It has not been published yet and I am looking forward to it.
(you have to scroll down a bit)


I'm in love with the Slow Holler Tarot because of this very reason. It definitely depicts real people, (many not wearing dress) and in all sorts of body shapes. I recommend checking it out!

Rose Lalonde

Love the thread title! (I immediately thought of Tabula Mundi's tank top wearing Empress.)

The upcoming Numinous Tarot has a lot of short hair and shorts, jeans, etc. It's a gender fluid deck that "shows the beauty of diversity in the world, from body type, ability, race, to gender identity and expression."