Decks you would like to see in a new edition (due to design flaws, card stock etc)


Which decks would you like to see in a new edition? Maybe you don't like the backing, the typography, the card stock, while loving the imagery.

My number one please-give-me-this-in-a-new-edition deck is: Spiral Tarot: Kay Steventon The imagery is brilliant but I hate the backing and the border and the typography. Looki when it's trimmed: (much better, but not perfect, the backing is still there).

Shadowscapes I do not approve of the card stock, and even though the backing is beautiful I wouldn't mind seeing a little more elegant take on it. It's a bit too cutesy for me.

Ghosts and Spirits Tarot Why oh why are those cartoonish ghosts on the backing. The imagery is so beautiful and classic and then those ghosts :(

Any decks you'd like to add?

Wheel of Fantastic

Albano Waite

I'd like a new, better quality, printing - less blurry, restore the lavender skies of the Page, Knight and Queen of Pentacles to that of the 1968 deck.

Keep the laminated cardstock though, this is one of the odd cases where lamination actually suits this deck.


Hello !

You are right about the Spiral tarot.
I have it and am deeply in love with some of the images for the cards, but the borders are not great. And, the back are so plain, very un-magical like.
Also, it is one of the only deck I know, where the color of the borders and the color of the back are so unmatched. I wanted to ink the edges of my copy, but I have not been able to decide on a color for the ink. Blue will go with the back and clash with the borders, and lilac will compliment the borders and clash with the back. I am considering doing the edges in an entirely new color, but then, too many different unrelated colors already dull the beautiful imagery, so....

Another deck I like is the Steampunk tarot by Barbara Moore, but I almost never use it because of the flimsy cardstock. I love the cards, and often have a desire to grab this deck for its imagery, but each time, once it is in my hands and I get to shuffle, feel its lack of weight, feel the flimsy cheapish cardstock.... it disapoints me. A better, sturdier cardstock would be so welcome.

The Tarot of the Trees have somptuous images in a hype style, and horrid cardstock. My copy got damaged on the corners even before I took it out of its tuckbox for the first time. And the lamination was peeling on the edges even before the first use. I hear that other people have the same exact problem with their copy, so its not just mine.
I love this deck. The take on the RWS is so great, the idea to made a deck with no people, only trees, was so brave, and each card is so weel made... plus, I just love the colors and the art. It deserves at least a decent cardstock, if not a superior luxury cardstock. I would readily pay a little more money to have this beautiful deck in good cardstock.

Finaly, in a lesser degree, there is the Slow Holler tarot. A grand piece of art, this deck. It is so beautiful, that it makes me timid to read with it, so far. But, I admire the art and the artists behind it so much, and I am so happy to have it, and to look at it card by card. Soon I will be familiar enough with it to read with it, I hope. Anyway. I would buy it again as it is, and even in a worst cardstock, if need be, because I love it so much. But, such great art deserves good cardstock, and I would love to see this special deck edited in a better quality.

Same for the Prisma Vision, in a way. The art is breathtaking. The take on the RWS classic imagery is bold and smart. There is a great effort in presentation and quality (sturdy box, thick cardstock, lovely gilding..) It is just that the cards are so shiny, and they stick to one another when shuffling. I am an amateur of thick cardstock, but I prefer it mat and "papery", if that makes sense. I would love the Prisma Vision edited with the cardstock of the Fountain. But, I am getting more and more picky, here......


All decks that only have one edition printed DOOR SIZED aka beyond standard Tarot card dimensions = 2.60 x 4.72 inches.


The Gamecrafter decks. For example, Tod's Creatures Tarot. If Gamecrafter is print on demand why can't they offer a better cardstock option for all of those decks?


I agree with the Shadowscapes... Along with better cardstock it needs to be about oracle sized as well, so we can all finally see those details.


I'd love a borderless Mary-El tarot! I'm a bit too timid to trim my copy...


Thirding the Shadowscapes; I would LOVE significantly larger cards, and less flimsy cardstock.

Another is the Tarot of Transformations, which, again, has very flimsy cardstock, and I wish it were printed on something better.


Druidcraft in standard size or pocket.

Standard = 2.60 x 4.72

Pocket = 2 x 3.5

Oh and only inner border.


Vargo's Gothic Tarot. They seem fragile.