Deirdre of the Sorrows - 14 - Temperance


Often this card makes a welcome appearance when we feel things are not going well etc.
If there is any card in a deck which for me epitomises feminine energies this is the one. There is always a gentle vibe with this card, as if we feel our woes can be washed away leaving behind a sense of genuine serenity.
The image here is in the style of the traditional RWS whereby we see a female character pouring and mixing an elixir or water between two jugs. She seems to be juggling more than one action though. On one hand she gives the impression she is concentrating on this particular course of action, yet we also see her reaching out with her left foot into the pool in front of her. What can we gleam from this? Is she coping with both tasks equally well? The jug on the ground appears to be full and may be about to overflow. Could this indicate a spilling over of emotions? Or could it show that there is an abundance of healing available to us should we choose to link in with that energy? You may find you need to think about what area of your life is in need of some TLC or healing. It may be you directly, or it may be a situation around you. Certainly this does support the belief Deirdre has that there is some global healing indicated.

I associate the presence of earth and water with feminine energies. We do not seem to have obvious references to fire or air, so in this case we may be asked to tune into those receptive energies or look at what our emotions are trying to tell us.
The angelic being has got part of her foot in the pool. Is she unsure of what is under the surface, and therefore a little nervous about committing her full weight accordingly? If so, you may need to look at what it is you are being hesitant about and why. Or could it indicate she is just ‘testing the water’ for now? If so, it could show you may be right to be a little cautious, at least in the short term. Of course, we can always fall back on the traditional meaning here. That of being in contact with our emotions whilst at the time remaining grounded. In other words, a balance of the internal with the external part of our being.

In the background we can see there is a house, with a path leading from the house to this particular pool. Has our Angel come to class this area as sacred or a place of sanctuary / healing? If so, you may need to consider if your environment is conducive or not to provide the same for you. This card could indicate there is something which could help you, but you may need to look elsewhere to actually realise this. Do you find at home your emotions are spilling over, perhaps due to disagreements, or lack of privacy around you? If so, take the gentle guidance of the Angel in this card – try to identify and locate a space you can class as your own. However, I am also aware this could indicate you feel as though stability is some way away for now. If linked to a sense of low self-belief or self-esteem it would explain why you are hesitant in testing that water out!

Even though this card is associated with calmness, harmony and balance, I can see this has so many angles of approach as described above.