Deirdre of the Sorrows - 16 - The Tower


I love how this card has taken a very brave look at the traditional meaning associated with it, and bought it into the 21st century in a way everybody can have an association with it. Just as a lot of my parent’s generation can remember where they were when Kennedy was assassinated, I will always remember where I was when the news broke of the Twin Towers tragedy. That one single act shocked the world, and also highlighted the vulnerability of us all. It certainly made us all sit up and take notice whereby our own safety and security was not something we should take for granted.

Only in time will the world be able to look back on this event with the wisdom that comes with hindsight. History may show how this was a turning point for the better, but that time may be some distance in the future. In other words, we have to learn from this and make changes accordingly. Hard though it may be to consider right now, bearing in mind wounds are still raw for some people, it is possible good can come from this. It is not for me to say how or when, but I do believe spiritual laws will redress the balance for the sake of humanity. However, as mankind we have to take responsibility for our actions and make changes in our attitude where necessary.

I think it can also ask us to not put too much emphasis on possessions or achievements which could crumble around us if complacency does set in. Please understand – I am not saying anybody deserved to be a victim of this atrocity. However, the towers were taller than anything around them, and in that respect they had made themselves vulnerable. Sadly they were an feasible target for the aircraft to hit. If we look at this from the viewpoint of the message this card portrays in the tarot system, is it suggesting firm foundations are needed to perhaps avoid such catastrophe, but we have consider an issue more holistically? That it is foolish to pay attention to the foundations, yet ignore the main structure itself?

The rising sun does indicate that a new dawn can bring about a fresh start. If that fresh start is coupled with a sense of ‘learning’ from what has been experienced, the catastrophe will not have been totally in vain. If however there is no change put into place, it can show the loss which occurred has the potential to happen again.

We have to listen to the rage expressed by the Eagle. Does the rage represent that of those who were behind the attacks? Or does it express the rage shown by those who were the victims in some way? Either viewpoint could apply, and could massively affect the energy of the card or subsequent message. What does the eagle signify? It is an emblem of the USA, so thought has to be given to the fact it does have particular relevance here. Does it indicate a defiant stance may need to be taken if you feel you have been wronged? Can it show in your current situation you have every right to feel and express your anger? I also see the Eagle as being a key animal from the Medicine Card deck by Jamie Sams. I am reminded that the Eagle asks us to soar above and see things holistically if not from a different viewpoint. How could that interpretation link with this card and why? Certainly we need to be mindful the anger may be misguided. If that is the case we have to be prepared to take responsibility for repercussions if we have been the cause of that misguided anger.

As an additional thought, this card does give heart to those who feel they have lost everything. Lives can be rebuilt. They may not be in the same way as before, but if anything, they can be stronger and better. Look at what has happened with us in NZ as a result of our earthquakes. We are still in the sad state of disarray, but so much learning can take place. Buildings when replaced will have hindsight as a terrific foundation. The fact we need to be prepared for the eventuality we all assumed would never happen, or if it did - would not be for thousands of years.