Deirdre of the Sorrows - 17 - The Star


If there was ever a card which is usually a welcome sight in a spread, it is the Star. I have usually associated this with your hopes coming to fruition. It may well come after a period of waiting of sorts, but by remaining positive you have confirmed your intent to higher energies. In this deck, we are given a hint of this.

Here we see 3 aspects all of which may be read as being linked, or in their own right. The largest body in the sky is definitely that of the star. It is an 8-pointed star, which again has a numerological link to the number of the card. What significance can you give to the fact it is so big in comparision to the sun?
The sun is also shown on the horizon. It is not usual to see a star so clearly when the sun is also in play. What does that tell you about the power of the star in this case? How does that relate to your situation? Deirdre has indicated the sun is rising, signifying what you are hoping for is about to appear or materialise. If so, I can also see something here that I would class as important. Make sure you are ready for this and try not to let that opportunity slip away unnoticed. In this card the woman is focussing on the pool and has her back to the rising sun. Could this indicate you have your attention diverted away from what may appear behind you, thus missing a golden opportunity?
As we can see, the storm clouds are to one side of the card, indicating they were at one time in play. However, the significance of the cloud could depend on the system you use. If you see the presence of objects to the left of the card indicating issues of the past, or energies being left behind, you may not read this as indicating the difficult times are passing away. In fact if you do use this system, it may indicate you need to be prepared for some difficulties etc. If however, you see anything to the right of a card as being an energy in passing this would definitely indicate that the storm or obstacle is now clearing. (NOTE: I tend to use a system of objects to the left as showing energies passing, and objects to the right as possibly coming into play. However, there will be other variables which may change this such as which way characters are facing etc).

Here we see a woman naked, knelt by a small pool. This nakedness could indicate vulnerability, as suggested by Deirdre. Remember this does follow the Tower, so she may be indicating the stripping away of stability or support in some way. What can you make of the sticks to one side of her? Is she in readiness for the night whereby she may need to make a fire for warmth bearing in mind her nakedness? If so, what does that tell you about her ability to plan for eventualities? Is that an example of something she has learned having experienced the issues from the Tower – the importance of planning and preparing ahead? As Deirdre has said, she appears to be reaching out for some coins at the bottom of the pool. What could they signify at this moment in time? Is she able to reach them or is the pool too deep? Again, what would be the significance of her ability to reach or not reach them?


We often learn more when cards appear in positions in a spread we would at first think difficult to interpret. Often they provide the best learning experience.

This once appeared in a position where it indicated factors the querant had no control over. Usually this would be because of an external influence, so it was an unexpected card to see during this particular reading, and in this position within the spread.
There was a feeling she was not ready to reach out to the coins, for a variety of reasons. There was nothing external to hold her back - more a case of she was not quite emotionally or mentally ready to take this new opportunity. All she could do for now was remain positive with her thoughts, and allow her emotions to wash over, as depicted with the pouring of the water from the jug. She was aware a new day could bring about a new start and a fresh outlook on her situation, but she was prepared to just sit it out in the meantime. It was not a negative feel to the situation, and the presence of this card did offer some hope to her. Certainly there was no urgency to the situation, but by keeping her eye on the coins she could remind herself that there was something there for her when she felt she was ready to reach out for it.