Deirdre of the Sorrows - 6 - The Lovers


If we follow the numerical order of the Major Arcana, this is the first card where we see more than one character, so there is certainly more of an unfolding story here. Each character could be read in it’s own right, and I have chosen to do for the purpose of explaining how I see this card. Then reading it as a whole adds the final dimension and harmonises all energies into one possible interpretation (or more as the case may be!)

She is shown sitting on the left side of the card, the position associated with the feminine energy. (Note how the bride is always on the left in church during the marriage ceremony). She is holding a large red rose in one hand but has her arms crossed over her chest in what could be seen as a defensive manner. Is she trying to shield her heart from the suitor, and consequent thoughts of heartache? What does the rose signify, bearing in mind its contrast to the colour of the roses around her? She is holding it quite tightly around the stem – can we deduce she has thorns digging into her palm, and if so, why is she allowing this to happen? My thoughts are that she is hurting inside, in some way, but has become numbed to the pain. This is backed up by the look of emptiness in her facial expression. Her eyes are not on the suitor, but elsewhere, as are her thoughts. I could not help but notice the roundness of her abdomen. Is she expecting a child? Is this what is on her mind – could the father be somebody other than her partner or husband? Is this man offering support for her instead of his affections?
I also noted the fact she has two fingers raised over her shoulder, but does not appear to be pointing in this direction as such. What could this mean?
With the situation you have at the moment, if you associate with the female in this card, what is going through your mind right now?

Here we see a gentleman with a much more open and welcoming pose, in total contrast to that shown by the seated woman. He has one foot raised on a small rock, as if about to kneel. I also see this that he is trying to lessen his height or size, so as not to appear intimidating or threatening to the woman. If this is the case, it does indicate genuine sensitivity and awareness on his part. His hand is outstretched to the woman. Is he asking for her to reach out to him with her own hand? Is he reaching out to take the rose from her, aware that it is symbolic of some emotional heartbreak? Or is he about to make some sort of proposal? Is he reaching out asking her to trust him? Any of these could apply, but with his fingers slightly bent it is more of a beckoning gesture. He seems to have his eyes closed. What could this signify?
If you associate more with this man in your current situation, what is it you are hoping to achieve? What may be the barrier to this being successful? What is going in your favour which shows with patience, your intentions could be rewarded?

We see the angel above the couple with its wings outstretched, a large heart held to its chest. It has its gaze turned towards the woman, and the expression it is showing appears to be that of empathy and support. The Angel knows in this case the gentleman is not in need of support at the moment. The woman’s needs are more important. Is the angel symbolising the comforting of the woman’s emotions, as shown by the way it is gently holding the heart? Is the angel about to take an active role in the situation, or is it going to let the situation unfold without intervention? I have a feeling the angel could almost be seen as the woman’s guide. He knows it is not within the spiritual laws to intervene, but will be there offering the support and comfort needed until such time the woman is able to move on from what she is experiencing.

So, how could this card be seen as a whole. We do see different energies at play here, with each character interacting to create or weave the story. It could indicate the woman is holding onto to her heart at the moment through lack of confidence or belief in this possible liaison or relationship. On the other hand, we may have a scene whereby this gentleman is aware of her vulnerability, and could be trying to take advantage of this situation. Other cards around this would be needed in order to show some clarity, and dictate which direction this story is following. The black or dark coloured roses could definitely come into play.