Deirdre of the Sorrows - 7 - The Magician / The Chariot


This card is perhaps one we could readily identify as being the Chariot.

We have our Charioteer in charge of two powerful steeds, one black and one white. These two colours demonstrate a clear meaning of opposites of energy or polarity, and certainly in this case, they seem to be steering in different directions. Both horses are reared up, and the presence of stones flying indicates quite a fast pace. Has this card paused before we see what happens next? Is the chariot about to become unstable as the horses lose control and momentum? Somehow I think not. Just take a look at that Charioteer. He is incredibly focussed on the path ahead, and I really do believe he will regain control of the horses very quickly. However, in other circumstances it could indicate complacency. These horses do need to be reined in otherwise there is a possibility they could steer the Chariot off its desired course. With this in mind it would be assumed the Charioteer would be holding a tight rein, whereas in fact he has allowed the horses to have their heads. Will he regret this, or is this signifying he has total confidence in his own ability to steer the path of choice, without the need to exert unnecessary energy? If anything he does appear nonchalant. How many of us would have been able to steer such strong opposing energies with just one hand?

I can certainly understand Deirdre’s warning for this character. He must not lose his focus, and should do all he can to regain control before forging ahead with his plans. Otherwise there is a risk the journey may not be straightforward. There is even a chance he could be totally detracted from his intentions, thus missing a golden opportunity. The horses have so much power yet it is wasted when used contradictory to each other. In effect any momentum is cancelled out. Just think of what could be achieved if they were working towards the same common goal.