Deirdre of the Sorrows - Four of Wands


This is another card that can speak volumes. Everything about the card is welcoming and positive, from the colourful array of plant life to the overt welcome of the doormat.

There is so much by way of subtle symbolism, I won’t break it down, but will précis each aspect and describe how they correlate towards the theme of the card.

The door itself is a solid wooden door, painted red. If you also look at the brickwork itself, the whole cottage appears to be well built by a crafstsman utilising the stone and technique particular to an area or given time. (I see evidence of this in counties such as Cumbria or Lincolnshire). The fact the door is solid supports the feeling of being both supported and protected. The presence of the wands/staffs around the frame is further confirmation of this. You just know this house is stable, and will be able to withstand the tests of time as well as varying weather conditions. The colour of the door represents a vibrant life force, red being the colour of blood.
There is a lit lantern to one side of the door, another indication of light and energy around the card and yourself. The light could be there to draw visitors to the house at night, thereby being a welcome sight within the darkness.
The door is ajar, thus offering a subtle invite for us to enter. If we were to feel nervous about going inside, we should take heart from the welcome doormat. We are to be treated as valued guests, not as intruders. It is so difficult to understand this, but that may be due to cultural issues, and also due to the fact we are now in a society which is very suspicious of people or their intentions. No doubt a lot of us will have ancestors who remember times where doors could be left insecure, the thought of crime virtually unheard of. Therefore I believe this scene also indicates a sense of unconditional trust. The hospitality being offered is warm and inviting. I had the opportunity to tour Ireland two years ago, and this really does make me reminisce about the Bed & Breakfast cottages I had the fortune to stay in. Each night we were strangers in different towns and villages, yet the proprietors treated as extended family members.
The cat on the mat is a rather portly feline, sporting a diamond collar. Is it standing guard over the door of the house? Is it there to act as a welcoming party? Or is it a portent of good luck and fortune?
Whatever you associate with the cat, there is no real indication of anything to be concerned about at this stage.

If we look at the plants surrounding the windows and either side of the door, we could assume the owner takes great pride in creating a colourful environment, and is also a person who invests time and care in providing the nurturing required by the life under his control. (Maybe a little too much in the case of the cat!) Do you know of anyone in your life who has this character trait? Are they able to play a part or influence your current situation? This array of colour etc has led to this house turning into something more than just bricks and mortar – it is now a home, thus enhancing the energy of the card. Have you worked on something that has developed in the same way? Or do you have hopes that your current situation will settle and provide stability for some time to come?

Finally, as we move our eyes down the card we come to two hands, the hand on the left showing the soft contours of a female hand, whilst displaying a bright gold wedding ring. The male hand is gently offering support to the fingers of the female, as if to guide her forward. If you resonate with the female in this card it could show you are a little reticent or nervous about moving forward. Your fears are unfounded, so if there is some gentle persuasion at play here, they are acting with your interests at heart. If taken literally (which will not always be applicable) this could obviously signify a recent marriage, and if this train of thought is followed though, could also signify the starting out in a new house together as a couple. If this scenario was to be read in conjunction with the remainder of the card, this new start really does look as though it is being built on solid foundations. Everything is in place to offer support to the couple as they start their lives together.

As Deirdre has said, if a move of house or job is being considered, the signs are good, at least in the short term.
This card could definitely go some way to alleviating any fears or doubts. If a partnership is indicated, the partnership could well be one that blossoms bringing about even more success for the future. The window was one aspect of the card I felt incredibly positive about. The English flag and map of Ireland are both present. The relationship between the two countries has been progressive, and this inclusion in our welcoming cottage really gave me a lift spiritually. The two nations are experiencing a blossoming relationship – one which may not have been thought possible 20 years ago. This window alone can portray a story of harmony and peace and as such, adds to the energy of the card overall.