Deirdre of the Sorrows - King of Swords


The king certainly looks a little more approachable than the Queen. There is still a sense of indifference or haughtiness, but not on the same level as that of the Queen. He is quite thoughtful, and in this respect you know any answer he gives will be honest, but with some deliberation applied beforehand. He has the same valiant qualities of the Knight, but with age and experience he has lost some of the brave abandon which could at times have bordered on recklessness.
Once again, he is dressed ready for battle, his sword tall and proud in his right hand. In his left hand we see a rolled up scroll. What does this symbolise?
If there is a situation where a cool, clear head is needed to lead the way, our King will fulfil that role more than adequately. Not only does he have good communication or tactical skills, he will also be brave and lead from the front. The person who will definitely be prepared to “walk the talk” so to speak.
He does appear to be from a time where the Kings of the realm did go into battle themselves, and would often lead the charge.
Just as the Queen was sitting on a throne of ice, we can see that the King of Swords also does away with any thought of comfort or luxury. His throne is made of stone.
Therefore any advice you get will be to the point, and factual in content. If you are seeking legal or professional advice, he is the person you know you can give credence to. He will not have any ulterior motives behind his words, and can usually be deemed as trustworthy. If you are looking for honesty and objectivity, the King will usually be your advisable port of call.
A reversed card however, could show otherwise but again it is worth noting the presence of surrounding cards. Alternatively a reversed card could show you are ignoring sound advice, which could be to your detriment.

With regards to other symbolism included we do not there are objects painted or engraved on the side of his throne. There is a cup or chalice with what appears to be the number 9. Does this have a link with the Hermit from the Major Arcana? Can we assume our King is not one that would usually welcome company, but prefers to be alone with his thoughts? The other objects shown on the throne appear to be a red rose and a green apple. What do they signify to you?

With regards the sun in the background, this can show that any advice or judgement you are given by the King may help your current situation. The sun is an indication of light and energy. It may therefore point towards a breakthrough of sorts.