Deirdre of the Sorrows - Queen of Wands


This lady seems to be doing well for herself, but doesn’t seem to focus on the material aspects in the same way as the Queen of Coins appears to do so.
Her diadem and billowing green dress are possibly the only indications we really have of her position and stature in the court system. If you look around at her surroundings, there is not a lot there which gives the impression of luxury or extravagance.

She is a beautiful queen, who could appear quite alluring in some ways. Notice her fullness of figure and flowing red hair. I know it is somewhat of a stereotypical comment, but her red hair really could show she is not someone you would want to mess with. Whereas the Queen of Swords would be quite cutting with words, she would probably see through any ruse before you had the chance to take advantage of her. If the Queen of Wands were to show her colours, you may find yourself having to deal with a mini tornado! Think of how cats can change from being docile to showing their claws in an instant, and at the slightest provocation. Yep, that is our Queen of Wands!
As Deirdre has already said, she may prefer the company of men, but that is not necessarily in a sexual way. Men may be able to stimulate her through shared interests or outlooks. Women who do not understand this trait could see her as a threat or rival, but that may not be the case at all.
As a younger woman she may well have been labelled as being a ‘tom boy’ preferring the rough and tumble play activities of her male counterparts.

With regards her own parenting skills, she may be the sort of parent who lets her children run free, allowing them to learn about life through experiences. This may well include ups and downs, but those experiences would stand them in good stead. She will not pamper them, but nor would she let them get into any dangerous situation. She will love them with a passion and woe betides anyone who mistreats them. She would have learned how to be independent at a young age, and would want her own children to do the same, understanding how valuable play and socialising at this age can benefit them in the future.

Certainly she would associate more with cats than dogs. Cats are independent, thus reflecting her own personality, yet can be very affectionate. This affection can be turned on or off at a whim, depending on whether they feel like attention or not. This certainly would be how we would view the Queen. She may appear aloof one minute, and playful the next. Dogs would often be of no consequence to her. In general they are more needy than cats and certainly prefer company to being alone.

In business, this Queen is one who will have a sensible head on her shoulders, and will not be one to underestimate. She is the go-getter and will work incredibly hard if it is something she believes in. If you want a task doing well, and to the bitter end, she may be the one to call on. Quite often she will make a good business partner, and in some cases a good boss. If you want to have someone on your side that will be assertive when support is needed, she may well come through. The only downside may be her temper.

With regards additional items in the card, we do see a bowl with the Roman numeral X on the side. If this were to be equated to the tarot card from the Major Arcana, what would that indicate? Could it show she could change quite quickly with regards temperament? Or could it show she may display some good business skills, whereby she has the ability to pull success out of failure, through sheer hard work and perseverance?
Why is the bowl empty?