Destiny or Fate


interesting thread, Sun Chariot!

I do also agree with DownwardSpiral that our thoughts can become our reality. Perhaps that is why prayer works sometimes. I realize that not every prayer is going to be answered the way we want it to each and every time we do pray for something, but I think it can help. Prayer also can be a thought--it doesn't have to be recited phrases that we do over and over again.

Thanks. I didnt see anything about phrases you repeat over and over. More of a heartfelt thought, which would be closer to prayer. But what I got was that itvwas what was in you heart, the strength of the desire and it's source maybe. Not that every heartfelt desire becomes destiny. It seems the universe has the final say, bur what I saw anyway was that when sonething does manage to become destiny this is how it starts. That is what I saw anyway.



my results : )

I didn't forget about this : )

I used stichomancy and asked the question.....

Who creates my destiny?

I used the book Choose Them Wisely (Mike Dooley)

My finger landed right on The Spirit of Life so I asked who is the Spirit of Life? The answer was the Universe! Ok I haven't read this book but it's about thoughts so it may be biased.

I did ask the same question....Who creates my destiny? to my Lenormand cards.

The answer I got was that it starts with my dreams and ends with a contract/agreement. And right between the two is the Key.....divine intervention...."the connection to the spiritual realms."

So very similar to what SunChariot said in the OP.

I would love to see others try this and share their messages as well : )


Me too, I would love to hear others readings on the same question, the more readings on this topic or on similar ones, the more intesting this could get. :grin:

And thanks DownwardSpiral! I loved hearing about yours. :heart: