Deviant Moon 3 of Pentacles

bumble bee

I would like to hear what my esteemed associates have to say about this card. This is sort of a nightmare/horror movie type theme. These three characters one chiseling, one painting with red paint, one using a pencil. Each character is solidly into their work, their expressions are very calm even though one is chiseling into the body of another. The grey character has faces all over the skin, sort of alien looking almost. Their expression seems a little sad. The character in the back with the pencil has his clothes on - not so much room to be a palate as the others. The grey character is painting him with red. Is he getting a D.M. style blood transfusion (haha). I like the red curtains in the background, the landscapes are a little bleak.
The design on the seat looks like the 4 of pentacle sort of looks like the church window design on the 5 of pentacles.
The cards message is about people working together, each bringing their own gifts to the table. I feel like there may be an underlying message about how life chisels away at you we can help each other heal from blood loss(pain 3 of swords style) Its a full moon today - maybe im just feeling it.


Huh, maybe we both are, friend bee. I cut the deck this morning, flipped over the top card, thinking about taking a stab at making my first study group post for the DM, and as I come back this afternoon to work at my computer, read mail, check posts, which card do you suppose is sitting on top of the stack on my computer desk right now? Yes indeed.

I don't get sadness, but calmness, concentration.. even though they are very different from one another in aspect, and in their chosen tools, and they might seem to be working with different levels of expertise, they are all serious about their work.


When I first saw this, I thought it was funny to see the little guy chiseling on someone else's rear. Plastic surgery comes to mind and perhaps other medical abilities. (Bumble bee mentioned a blood transfusion and I think that would fit with the doctoring, too.) The gray person has skulls from gravestones all over herself. I didn't notice that until today. I saw a tarot bag with the same type skull in the thread about what to put the Deviant Moon in.

The LWB says they are in a studio, but I think the background also looks like a stage. They are on display. They trust each other to do their best work.


You do know the textures of the deck (bodies, buildings, etc) are created from photographs of just those kinds of things things, right? Nineteenth-century carved headstones (like on those goth bags) and crumbling brick walls and suchlike.
Many of the scenes and citizens are featured standing in or on a moon-like foreground circle or mound. All of the court cards are. And you see that faint headstone skull pattern on the ground under the Knight of Pentacles, five of swords, two of swords, among others.

bumble bee

Okay, I need to visit some cemetaries. Anyone know of some good ones in Portland OR where I can see these skull patterns. They look like aliens to me.
Thanks you guys you made me smile- I have really been in a bad place lately.
Fun deck to study isn't it. And I had no idea thats where those little goth skulls you see around came from.


I luuurve this card...once I got over the sculpture-like creature stabbing the pencil artist in the eye with his paintbrush (I later realized the painter was PAINTING with red paint. :laugh:).

I get a sense of interdependence in this card...a synergism, where all of their talents together are much greater than their talents individually. A true collective: one hand washes the other, and both hands wash the face.

There are also shades of a maiden/mother/crone type of deal here. Just as maiden/mother/crone are three stages of a woman, each of these craftsmen are three stages of art (drawing, sculpting, painting). You can't separate one from the other, as each is necessary to bring the other into being, in a way.



I was taken aback by this card because of the idea of teamwork and creation that I have always associated with the Three of Pentacles.

In this card I was considering how no two people were the same but yet there is a sense that each can have a part to play.

In a strange sense though as I look at this card I see something I don't know quite what to do with. I see three very different creatures and they seem to be of different ordrers of creation: the angelic, the human, and the manufactured.

Does anyone else see this? I wonder if there is a message about how what we (humans) create (the manucactured) must properly relate to the higher order of things (angelic).



one of my favorite cards in this deck

concentration...deep concentration. Commitment. They are using each other to express a larger piece of work; the sum being greater than its parts. The artists, skilled craftsmen, workers, are interconnected. They cannot exist without each other. Each serves a very specific purpose.


The figures in this card is kind of telling me that they're refining one another in some ways by helping each other overcoming their shortcomings.

In the old-school RWS, you help the community at large, but in this deck, you help your co-workers. So what this card want to tell might be "help others who is near to you first before helping others out there".


Anyone notice that the winged being in the foreground/center, seated upon the pedestal, has a hand for its left foot?

It relates to what @Onyx was saying:

I wonder if there is a message about how what we (humans) create (the manucactured) must properly relate to the higher order of things (angelic).

The left side is supposed to represent the feminine/receptive aspects of humans. Here, the "Angelic" being is reaching down to Earth... For connection? For divine inspiration?