Deviant Moon: 4 of Pentacles


Here we have a wealthy man being lead by a skeletal being into a doorway.
The escorted man is pump, dressed well, and decorated. He clings hard to his Pentacles, looking behind him in distress. Is he looking for help? Or is it an expression of regret? His right (masculine & projective) foot is booted and planted firmly on the ground, unwilling to go. His left (feminine & receptive) foot steps forward, decorated by his blood red painted toe-nails. Upon his clothes, shadows of reaching hands are reaching out towards him. Do these shadows actually want his money/possessions, is that why he clings so hard? Or are these shadows from within him, projecting his inner fears outwards. Perhaps, these shadows are even out welcoming him to the darkness beyond.
His leader appears to be a skeletal demon. She(?) leads him towards a portal of flames. In her mouth she clutches a watch reading "10 minutes to 7 o'clock" (the time is nearing the Spirit?). She wears a black hooded cloak and looks rather like a "sorceress". She has one horn on the left of her forehead and a mark accenting the center where her third eye should be.
A few more steps and both will be engulfed in flame...

From the LWB:
Unprepared for his doom, the miser is escorted by a demon leading him into the roaring flames of damnation. Looking back on his life, he clutches four pentacles in an attempt to maintain his worldy possessions.

While Valenza makes a Hell-like reference to these flames, it is worth pondering that Fire known to be purifying. After all, ash is said to be the most pure substance on Earth. Is this a picture of the man's literal decent into Hell? -Or is he simply undergoing a purification process, where once he leaves the flames he will emerge transformed?

Back to his feet: The right (masculine, projective, physical) is dressed and unwilling; the right (feminine, receptive, spiritual) steps forward, naked, almost willingly...


It seems implied that he deserves to be taken to damnation- as per the keywords because he is a miser, selfish, greedy, and puts the material above all else.