Deviant Moon - I Magician


The Mag on this card looks like a novice. It is a young man who has not yet reached higher skills level in what he does, but he is working on it, and I can see determination and plan to follow. It is mental plan how now and here to reach his goals. I see a lot of effort, focus and concentration on his face. He holds four symbols of the elements. Over time, the acquired practice with enough patience to become proficient in using them all will let him master them for his own purposes. Magician in this deck is not alone, as in the background I can see shadows of the audience.

I love this deck.


I've been studying the Magician today so thought I'd share my thoughts. (Sorry, long!)

The Magician looks very focused on what he is doing, this is not yet a practice that he can do with ease. (We have the power to make a difference, change something or begin something, though it may require effort.) His four arms that interact with the elements seem to represent capability and high potential, as he has more arms (‘potential’) than is usual. His audience watch, we can see their shadows so we see he is aware they are there without them being his main focus. The moon is smaller in this card, perhaps suggesting it has less of a subconscious pull over him so he has good control over his own mind.

Usually, the Magician points to heaven and to earth indicating he is harnessing divine power to make things happen on earth. Here his stick (or wand) is raised towards the moon, and his finger stirs a cup of red liquid (wine, blood?). Perhaps suggesting he harnesses inner knowledge and the subconcious through creativity to influence emotions - so you will soon find a way to channel your inner knowledge/feelings into expressive release. He holds tightly to the power of thought and holds up the material aspect to his workings before him, perhaps suggesting he keeps one eye on his desired result at all times. It is a shadowy card, but not ‘dark’. It also has a Venetian feel to the setting, linking to 'The Fool'.

The Magician wears a blue robe. Blue can signify peace and tranquillity, truth and wisdom. It is the colour of the throat chakra and can be linked to communication. Although on his face we can see effort, he does not look to me worried by it but focused in the moment which to me is a type of peace - it feels good to be that focused. It can be linked to Odin, who in turn is linked to sorcery. Robe wise it can be connected to the element of water. It is suited for healers & those who work with their psychic awareness.

He stands in a circle = link to infinity, casting a circle in magic

Interestingly, and perhaps something which at first I felt conflicted with the meaning of the card, the moon is a waning crescent [perhaps worth noting if it appears with the Devil or in a reading where you feel the new beginning is to do with ending something, breaking a lifelong habit etc] = Signifies a time of deep intuition and a time for divination. Spellwork to banish, release and reverse. Now is the time to break bad habits or fight addictions, to end bad relationships. The Goddess is in her crone aspect. Conscious release of negativity, rid yourself of any obstructions, a good time to get rid of anything (or one) you no longer need.

Keywords/Phrases: It may take effort, but you have everything you need to do what you are looking to do. New beginnings, lots of potential and ability. A powerful card.


Patrick says: ‘The magician uses the 4 symbols of the minor arcana. With time and practise, he will become a master of all. Mastering his craft is not easy: his effort shows in his expression… Dipping into the subconscious realm, the cup is filled with the blood of his efforts. His box is a material manifestation of the cosmos. An audience of shadows watches the performance.’


Also a comparison to the original RWS:

The feeling of power, all the elements being present and new beginnings are there. However, traditionally the RWS Magician looks at you –facing you head on, here the magician is sideways on. Importantly, I feel, the traditional figure has the elements laid out on the table before him but is not engaging with them, whereas here the Magician interacts with each. I get the feeling he is more involved and ‘hands-on’ than the traditional figure. It feels more urgent as a card and again has a more raw energy to it.

We could see half of the face being turned away linking to the 'con-man' aspect of the card, but because of the honest effort in his facial expression I don't hold much to this meaning for this Magician. It's not something I feel from him when we converse.