Deviant Moon--IX of Pentacles


If I may be so bold, I'd like to start a new thread in this study group. I briefly studied the already existing threads, and, while I learned a few interesting things, I felt that these are not the cards I'm particularly keen on discussing. Not right now.

I thought it would be best if I started a thread about one of the cards that I don't understand, or have trouble connecting with. That way, I'll learn something new. And the first one that came to my mind was Nine of the Pentacles suit (the most troublesome suit for me in general).

There is a woman in this card, in a dress that strikes me as particularly beautiful in this deck. It also seems very expensive. The woman is accompanied by a "pet" - a floating skull bound with a chain. This is generally in accordance with what's written in the LWB. It's stated that the meaning of this card is "material good fortune; a wealthy and independent female; a pet lover". But it seems to me that this is a little too obvious. Most of the cards are more subtle, you need to look closely to understand it. And here, what you see is what you get.

Let us look closer. Like I said, the woman wears a beautiful, expensive dress, which suggests a lot of money. She's surrounded by a light which she seems to be radiating (or maybe it's those little specks that she's surrounded with) she's not just rich, she's a Star, a person full of glamour and charm. And yet... she's wearing a mask (or is it her face?), which suggests some kind of treachery, posing as someone else, while hiding your true self. This impression is further strengthened by her eyes... One of them (the one she seems to be showing us) is beautiful, full of light. The other one seems a little deformed and slightly menacing (or is it just me?). Then there's her pet. It's not just on a leash, it's on a chain, which suggests a kind of enslavement. All those elemets add up to a picture of a person totally spoiled by her riches and the power that comes with them. A two-faced person who, with the help of her charisma enslaves people, binding them in a toxic relationships.

This is how I see the card, and yet... IX of Pentacles is supposed to be a very positive card, isn't it? In the Thoth Tarot (this is the other deck that I have, the knowledge of which I sometimes use when I'm completely at loss) it's a symbol of a great gain.

As you can judge from my incoherent ramblings, this is a very troublesome card for me and I'd love to hear what you have to say about it.


I think you have done a fantastic interpretation, mrmond. Let it speak from your heart -

I agree with what you are saying - yes, it is an expensive-looking dress and yes her "pet" is on a leash. I think this creature has had to earn her gains - all the things that she has worked for, are the result of her hard work, hence her gains. The pentacles in the sky look like they have been hung up or tacked up at different times (they are all different) like medals or trophies in yours or my cabinet.

The mask is because she can't show her true face - some things have cost too much and jaded her - the protection is useful and neccessary - the gains have come from experience and some of them less than enjoyable. So yes, manipulation is not a stranger to her.

The skull with wings on a chain - she is trying to control her fate. A sturdy chain links it to her, which can also suggest that by leashing it to her, she is being bound to it herself - it's more than one way.

I look forward to more opinions/feedback.


Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this image of the "self-reliant" figure is the absence of arms. Other figures have the odd limb, etc. but she has no arms. Just what could that add to the interpretation.

Thanks for starting this thread!!!



I have a hard time reading that flying skull on a chain as a pet... it looks more like a handbag or ornament because of it's 2-dimensionality. She only has one foot, the other is a wheel... does she scoot around like a skateboarder? A strange combination of freedom and poverty in that idea. Around here, skateboards are many people's main mode of transportation. I am fascinated by the feet in this deck, or lack of feet in some instances. No arms seemed to indicate someone who is unskilled, the mask as someone who is difficult to know or someone with secrets.


Since the nine of pentacles represents the culmination of materialism, a "having it all" card, and considering how industrious other members of her tribe are, perhaps her lack of arms indicates someone who doesn't need to work. The winged skull adds a reminder of mortality, that you can't take it with you, though the wings suggest transcendence. Interesting that the only moon in the sky is the one of the top-left disc. That and her black mask make me think of a lunar eclipse. The mask and the unmatched eyes are a recurring theme in the deck. What's interesting in this card is that the second eye is open, though somewhat hidden in its socket.

Now, what do you make of the face between her feet?



As for the face between her foot and the wheel it is the same face in the 8 of pentacles...a connection maybe? Could the factories behind the her be the same factory that the man in the 8 of pentacles in laboring away in?


.traveller. said:
I have a hard time reading that flying skull on a chain as a pet... it looks more like a handbag or ornament because of it's 2-dimensionality.

That is also true - it could be something that was once important to her - maybe a part of her that has helped her get to where she is. It is on a sturdy chain attached to her. Maybe it was once more than an ornament. She could be bound to it as it is to her. It's not resting next to her side, it looks like it would fly/drift away if the chain was not there as if keeping it on a leash can help her control it.

The fact that she has no arms could mean that she can not free herself from her surrounding wealth and life - that she is bound to it as it is to her - and maybe she craves a little freedom because although she is happy to have what she has, with wealth and status comes responsibilities - sometimes at the price of doing what you'd like.


Her dress billows out a bit...could she be pregnant?

(nines indicate a culination/completion--ninth month of pregnancy?)

I've never been pregnant, but pregnancy seems to be both a liberation (a lot of life "rules" are relaxed for pregnant women, like lifting heavy stuff, etc) and a type of [temporary] imprisonment (can't sleep on your stomach, weight gain, not fitting into clothes, being kicked by baby, etc.).

As for that face between her feet: that's the face of the full moon (again, that culmination aspect...the moon has completely waxed). The purple in her dress indicates the psychic/intuitive realm, which is also connected to the moon, and is also associated with the third eye chakra.

Just my $.02.


Diaiant Moon IX of Pentacles

This is a very interesting card and I cannot wait until the Companion Book comes out to see what Moonboy has to say.The woman is very wealthy in appearance, but when you really start to look what is wealth anyway? You can be dressed in the finest clothes and still not have your health. No arms, missing leg, chain of 'death' around you. Money cannot another single minute make when it comes to life and death. Yes, look at the pentacles some upright, some reversed. I think this is a card to remind one that if you only toil for wealth you may have a big surprise 2 cents..


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