Deviant Moon - Queen of Swords


Hey Aclectic!

I was looking through the forum to see if I could find any interpretations on the queen of swords in This deck but didn't find any.

I think that the depiction and description are quite different than usual interpretations and I'd just like to hear other perspectives!

Thanks :)


Hi JohnyCake,

Since this is the study group forum and there is no thread about this card already, could you please give us a description of the card's symbolism and say what you think it means.
It would also help if you'd explain why you think the meaning of the card is different to more traditional depictions of it.


I agree with Johnny Cakes I have the DM book and there's a detailed description and explanation for the card (I can post it later). As cakes mentioned the Queen of Swords is very different than the QoS I've read in other decks... instead of representing wisdom and discernment in DM the QoS is sorrowful and burdened by her thoughts, mourning and grieving... almost to say she is AIR+WATER emotionally attached to and obsessing over her thoughts and she represents the importance of letting it go....

I think.