Deviant Moon Tarot--Ace of Cups


The Ace of Cups shows a woman holding a large golden goblet that's almost as big as she is! The goblet is filigreed with couples embracing, and its handles are formed of seahorses. The woman wears a flowing sleeveless light purple gown trimmed in gold, with a necklace in the form of a gold collar around her neck and gold bracelets on her upper left arm and wrist. The wrist bracelet is connected by a gold chain to a gold ring on her left middle finger. She wears a golden crown with blue jewels, and a large red jewel in the center of the crown, over her forehead. Her hair is indigo tendrils that end in golden balls. She is looking down into the goblet with a slight smile.She, too, has stone-looking wings behind her. A tattoo of a red moon is on her left shoulder. There are two sweeps of blue at the bottom left corner of the card; not sure if this is part of her gown or indicative of water. There is a full moon in the sky and a beam of moonlight pours from the mouth of the moon (there is an actual face on the moon).

Her wings...indicators of the strength of emotion (in particular, love)?

Why does this moon actually have a face (with eyes, nose, mouth)?

Why all the jewels? I think of the Madonna song, "Dress You Up (In My Love)". :laugh:

And the gold? Love is golden? Preciousness of emotions?

She is looking into the goblet with a small smile of...anticipation? Satisfaction?

That's a BIG goblet...she wants to make sure she has enough emotion? It's almost as big as she is...eyes bigger than her stomach, in a sense? TAking on more emotion than she can handle?




I did have a closer look at this card recently and had the impression that the figures on the goblet are actually not embracing each other but that one is about to give birth and the others are helping and soothing her through labour. Could this be? Like, the force that gives life or love giving life?