Deviant Moon Tarot--Ace of Swords


The Ace of Swords shows a woman wearing a one-shouldered sky blue dress trimmed in yellow at the neck. She holds a large sword--with a golden hilt-- aloft in a two-handed grip, like she's ready to swing it. Thorny green vines twine around the sword. She is looking to the left; stone (metal?) wings spring from her back. She wears a crown of thick holly-looking leaves and golden, glowing spikes grow out of her head. I get an "avenging angel" feel about this card. The blue and yellow in this card speak to the mental realms. The thorny vines and the heavy sword indicate that the woman bears the truth, even when it's painful...although she is looking away from the sword (looking away from the full truth?).

Her wings are sturdy--the mind is stronger than anything? It could also refer to the potential rigidity of thoughts. In the movie Dogma, Chris Rock's character says that ideas are easier to change than beliefs. Is this reflected in this card?

Is she looking to the past, or the future (and, is the sword being held in the past, or in the future?)?




I have always associated the Ace of Swords with the idea of truth. I like this card because it shows that the Sword of Truth is drawn and ready. I like how the point almost glows and the point is sharp.

I don't see that she is looking to the left or the right to imply the past or the present. I see her looking straight back out of the card and directly at me. Am I accepting the truth? Am I blocking the truth from coming out?

The idead of the Ace of Swords having winds indicates a swiftness and ability to move where she needs to go.

The thorny vine that wraps the Swords suggests to me that the idea of prickly situations and danger, as if a drawn sword doesn't mean danger?