Deviant Moon Tarot--Ace of Wands


The Ace of Wands shows a woman holding a baby, who is in a green pea pod. The woman has three hands: two cradle the baby and one holds a large green torch that is blazing. A beetle is crawling up the wand and INTO the flame. The woman wears a crown of thick green leaves which has fruit and veggies in it (grapes, a carrot(?). Six little trees with white buds spring out of the woman's head. Butterfly wings grow out of her back. The woman wears a brown dress. Her hair is thick tendrils of vines. Lots of green, growth in this card. All of the growth indicators are that of potential (budding trees, pea pods, etc.).

The trees...stability? Rootedness? They are in bud...potential growth?

Six trees in her hair...harmony? Harmony in nature?


What is the significance of the beetle? And why is it crawling into the flame?

The wings in the Wands are butterfly wings...this is a reference to the caterpillar/butterfly dynamic.




The Lwb says something about "igniting minds". I wonder if the trees in her head is in flames?


I agree with your interpretation of the card. As for the beetle and why it would be crawling into the fire I have no clue. But I did do some research on the little bugger. He is called the Hercules Beetle. You wouldn't want to get your fingers too close to his pincers as he just might take a finger off. But in his larva stage, which is about 2 yrs, life is spend tunneling through rotting wood. When he emerges as an adult he will then search out rotting and decaying fruit. These little guys, who are about 6 inches in length, are also highly sexual. So if this card is an indication of of growth, birth and new life, then our little Hercules beetle will most likely be in search of a mate as well.
Just thought I would through in my $.o2.


Ace of Wands Deviant Moon #52

A Hercules Beetle (Dynastes Hercules) is crawling up the Ace of Wands. The bug is a spring creature and has therefor also been named May-Bug in the past. They have a very high sex-drive and considered strong and fierce and are dangerous even in their early larvae state. The beetle has also been associated with the unicorn because of it's single horn emerging from the thorax (beetles head). An interesting thing about the unicorn is that it used to rule the 4th house of the Zodiac before the crab overtook the title. The Cancer represents; loyalty, safety the home and our emotions, the cancer is ruled by the moon. It is assigned to the breasts, being a symbol of nurture and love (and confidence and strength too IMO). A powerful incorporated symbol indeed! :)

Other details in Ace of Wands; Maybe the woman has someone holding the torch up for her?
Maybe there is a team around her? Perhaps she has a lot of support around her and can therefor very open about her new ideas. It seems she has no reason to fear what others think of her, she has backbone.
The grapes in her hair; is "usually" a symbol of Dionysus* the God of art and wine and winemaking,
ecstasy and inspiration but may also refere to madness and intoxication.

The hair on her head is long and made of what looks like vines. This could mean travelling thoughts and a mind that is able to seek inspiration from many sources, and could have many points of view regarding just about anything.

About her headpiece; are the trees on fire somehow or are they in bloom or are they perhaps beautiful glowing pearls?
Here is an interesting out-take from
~~Eastern cultures believe that pearls symbolize purity and spiritual transformation. Simply wearing a pearl reminds the wearer to be honest, pure, wise, and to walk with the utmost dignity.

The Baby also has a pearl attached at the end of it's head piece.

There is more I could write about :p and I might return to do that in the future

(* Dionysus has before been seen depicted in the fool card (#0 and sometimes #22).
One can look up Thoth & New Mythic Tarot decks for further research.)