Deviant Moon Tarot -- Four of Wands


I love that pod house, wonder what it looks like inside. I imagine there are lots of organic shapes, strange light fixtures that cast a subtle glow, spongy fibrous carpets that are a little bit scratchy on your feet. These two will be so happy here.

They are a beautiful couple; somewhat alike in looks but not copies of each other. They clasp each other's wrists with a grip that is solid but relaxed and not overly tight. They are sure of each other. There is ivy encircling their wrists. Ivy is a very strong and persistant plant that doesn't grow on its own but leans on something else for support. It could symbolize that they are able to depend on one another and each is a support to the other.

The pillars that hold up their pod house are very thick and sturdy looking. As it says in the LWB, this is about building foundations. Although the card shows a relationship it could also apply to starting a business or pursuing education, or any activitiy. Whatever the area of life, strong foundations are being laid.