Deviant Moon Tarot--Ten of Cups


The card shows a family of four: A man and woman, in a tender embrace: the man's arm about the woman, the woman's hand cradling the man's neck in a hug, their foreheads touching. A toddler is perched on the man's right shoulder, and he holds aloft a pentacle. A small boy (older than the toddler) marches in front of the couple with a wand; he is dressed in white breeches and a gold overcoat, and black boots. The card has a slightly medieval feel to it in terms of dress. Behind the family is a large, full moon, across which arcs ten golden goblets. Stars dot the sky behind the moon, and the moonlight ligths up the bottom half of the card into a golden backwash. You can see a boat sailing in the background on the left, as wll as a house on the right...both seem to be on opposite curves of the earth upon which the family stands. Wands, pentacles, and cups are represented in this card...but no visible swords (the sword is sheathed). Thought and logic are secondary to the family unit; they've already planned, strategized, thought things through, and are now free to indulge in the creative, material, and emotional gains.

Also...the man in this card is a battle-scarred soldier; he has a bloody bandage on his head and one of his legs has been lost and replaced with a fake leg with a wheel on the end (for better mobility?). His reunion with his family gives a sense of relief. This indicates that, like this soldier, you may have to go through some difficult times in order to reach the emotional sanctuary of the 10 of Cups.

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deviant moon- 10 of cups

I had to get out my magnifying glass to see the bloody bandage! I thought he was wearing a hat. Then I noticed there is a hole over his ear and the hole on top of his head. Check out the little guy- he just pulled that pentacle out of from behind his daddys ear. They are on top of the world. The ship signifies smooth sailing and the castle home, abundance all the things we work to have.


From the LWB:

Ten cups rise up over a full moon in celebration of this joyful reunion.

Home life. Reunion. Family devotion. Loving and peaceful surroundings.