Deviant Moon Tarot -- The Empress


The Deviant Moon Empress is a spirit of fertility and nature sitting in a flower garden at night. Red flowers bloom and fill the night with their intoxicating scent. When you take life beyond what is merely necessary or useful and invest what you are doing with a lavish sense of beauty and sensuality, this card is in play.

The Empress's multiple breasts suggest giving, nurturing, abundance. They remind me of depictions of the Roman goddess Diana that are based on a cult statue at Ephesus.,_Villa_d'Este.jpg

The Empress's feet are shaped like a bird's. In Babylonian mythology only deities connected with death and the underworld have bird feet. Lilith is usually depicted with bird feet and perhaps this Empress shares some of Lilith’s dark, seductive qualities. Life and abundance are not possible without death and the spirit of nature must have a destructive aspect as well.

Her crown is similar to the headdress worn by Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven in Babylonian mythology. The blue color and gold accents seem celestial.

I love how she is sitting with her tail wrapped around her leg and one of her arms. She is perfectly comfortable with herself and her body, comfortable with her own strangeness. To me, her tail seems reptilian which indicates a connection with earlier stages of evolution and the most primal of our drives and desires. The flower growing from her tail shows her power to create beauty, abundance and love out of these drives.


We see a snake that descends from the spinal Imperiatritsy. This is Snake Mercury. Symbol of Kundalini. Awakening of Kundalini energy is a phenomenon of Self Realization, or "second birth". it is the birth of "lover - man", "curl of lover man", "circle of Snake".

On awakening the Kundalini rises through the vertebral column, passes through all the fine points and crosses the limbic area of the brain, connecting person with the all-pervading energy of the cosmos.
Kundalini - the energy, which, waking, brings all the chakras and gives us Yoga, means "Alliance" with the all-pervading energy of Divine Love. Kundalini is our own mother. This vibrant energy, she knows everything about every one of her child.She has the ability to think and make decisions, she has the superconscious. It is aspect of God. It represent a virgin, transform, healing power, designed to achieve our human system, the optimal state of existence. It is pure, nourishing love.
Awakening Kundalini really looks like the flames and has the properties of fire, but does not burn, but cool pacifies people through vibrations of the Holy Spirit.

We can see flower in Empress hand, it looks like red flame of love, transformed from Snake tale energy.

Kundalini - is a source of absolute knowledge. Christians called Kundalini as a reflection of the Holy Spirit within us.

In Islamic culture Kundalini is known like "life experience". Selfrealisation.

Kundalini is a symbol of alchemy. We know the old symbol of medicine - the Serpent, which encircles the pitcher with medication.

The floor of this picture looks like Chess board.

Chess board represents the royal game of life, the conflict between the spiritual forces of light and darkness, Devas and Asuras, angels and demons, fighting for world domination. Two-color, black and white checkerboard is the symbol of alternate attraction of all the fundamental properties and qualities in their manifestation, both negative and positive: night and day, sun and moon, man and woman, blurred and clear, bright and dark time of the Moon time and space, and m, n, as well as the chess order of life, vacillating between good and bad of luck to failure.

Staggered field - this is mandala of Shiva in his transformative aspect. They are based on the symbolism of a four-fold (8 +8), the basic form of the temple or the city, meaning space in all its possibilities, together with the forces that operate in the universe and in a person. This is image that assumes the cosmic perfection.

Each game - this era, and change the figures means the period unrealized. The movement figures - is the realization of all possibilities in this world and the individual is within this demonstration. The choice of moves is free, but the responsibility that each move involves the inexorable consequences. A free will and destiny are involved to the game, their spirit is truth, and the person is free inside, but outside he is a slave of destiny.

This Empress has several nipples. In ancient times it was the symbol of the reproductive performance. In Buddism many Gods were represented with several nipples. It describe their ability to feed many of their "children"