Deviant Moon Tarot--The Pages (group)


The Page of Swords walks with his sword in his left hand. It's not the full sword of an adult warrior, but a smaller version (a starter sword, I guess). He is dressed in red and gold, from head to toe. His left eyes emits a beam of light that seems to shine directly on the sword...but is he staring at the sword and not paying attention to where he's going?

The Page of Cups is dressed in an aqua tunic trimmed in gold; the tunic is detailed to look like the scales of a fish. Indeed, a headdress in the form of a blue fish sits atop his head. The page holds a goblet in which a fish is peeking out, and there are fins on the calves of his leggings. There is a glowing pearl on the tip of the fish's tongue. The page seems to be tickling the fish under its chin. The water behind the page is calm and a whale (?) is diving back down under the water, and its large tail fin is visible. This page is focused on the fish and doesnt' seem to be looking at where he's going .

The Page of Pentacles stands posed with a pentacle in his left hand and a large wrench in the right hand. He wears a red cloak trimmed in gold, but his body is made of metal machinery. His hands are actually metal claws, kind of like pliers. A factory is in the background, and nuts and bolts are scattered at his feet. He is staring at the pentacle in his left hand.

The Page of Wands is dressed in green and tan, like a plant. He walks on two tall stilts which have green leaves growing on them...and he is walking across a frozen pond. The background is tan and wintry. In contrast, this page seems to be focusing on where he's going but not WHERE he's walking.

One common theme in all of these cards is that the pages are so focused on the symbol of their suit that they are oblivious to all else--like they just learned to use their symbol and haven't yet learned to incorporate that use into everyday life, or to multitask. The slight difference is the Page of Wands, who knows where he is going (direction, destination) but not where he's walking(quickly, on stilts, over ice)...splitting hairs, but an important split.



I love the page of pentacles - the self-made man who's patched success together out of spare parts.